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Thanks for your posts. Masuo reads your messages (though he does not write here).

#0112 Re: Tones Posted by website coordinator Kaco [Mail]

2019-12-19 05:57 EST [Edit]

Thank you for your post.
I do not know what amp/effectors were used.
If I can get any info about it later, I will let you know.

For related info, click to see photos of the effectors
Mr. Masuo used to use several years ago, when playing
tunes like "Dealing with Life" with his band Power Spot.
http://www.ymasuo.com/reports/2012/2012effects.htm (2012)
http://www.ymasuo.com/reports/2013/201309_P1030660_effct.jpg (2013)
(the photo is on this page http://www.ymasuo.com/reports/2013/index2.htm)

In more recent days he uses less effector pedals --
one or two at most throughout one show.
His Boss Over Drive OD-1 he had in Japan went out of order in May, 2019
and he now uses XOTIC BB Preamp instead.
( I guess OD-1 may be one of those he used in "Masuo Live", but the guess could be incorrect. )

#0111 Tones Posted by Sex Fruit [Mail] Cincinnati

2019-12-17 14:39 EST [Edit]

Hi Masuo-San or whoever reads this? I love your late 70’s tone, particularly the distorted stuff on your “Masuo Live” album. I was wondering what amp/pedal you use to get that sound? I would assume the domestic Japanese stuff that was around at the time, like the old Yamaha Amps and boss/Ibanez distortion and chorus, but knowing what specifically would be awesome. Thank you!

#0110 Posted by ChainBriet [Mail] New York

2019-05-09 12:28 EST [Edit]

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#0109 from tod / NYC Posted by tod cooper [Mail]

2018-09-25 22:48 EST [Edit]

masuo! I'm in Tokyo vacationing w/ my wife and I thought of you and the tracks we did circa 1980. looked you up online (so I could show my wife) and found a video of you playing CORVALLIS w/ a bass player. it was one of our tracks (so long ago, but I remembered it clearly!). just wanted to say hey- hope you are well after all these years. I've been in Los Angeles since 1990. life's good. if you want to reply, email to todcooper@earthlink.net. nice memories.... :) tod

#0108 Re: #0107 Posted by website coordinator Kaco [Mail]

2016-08-09 03:47 EST [Edit]

Thank you Mr. Berkman for visiting here and leaving a message for Masuo san.
Masuo san will read your post.

#0107 your duo CD with Chin Suzuki Posted by David Berkman [Mail]

2016-08-07 12:02 EST [Edit]

Hey Masuo san,
I was playing in Machida with a group called NYSQ (we play in Japan every year) and we heard your recording with Chin Suzuki, duo. I really enjoyed it a lot and was glad to find that it was you, sounding great. Hope all is well.

#0106 Posted by RONNIE LYNN PATTERSON [Mail] Paris, FRANCE

2015-10-13 04:53 EST [Edit]

Hi Yoshiaki!

I am Ronnie Lynn Patterson, pianist and friend of Marc Copland and Drew Gress.
I would like to speak with you or write to you again.
If you would like, please drop by at my website at www.ronnielynnpatterson.com
Kind Regards,

Ronnie Lynn Patterson

#0105 Re: Posted by website administrator Kaco

2014-10-05 19:00 EST [Edit]

Thank you for posting, Mr. Copland !

I will let Mr. Masuo know of your message.

#0104 marc copland and japan Posted by marc copland [Mail]

2014-10-05 18:03 EST [Edit]

Hi Masuo

Long time..........playing Tokyo Oct 18-20 at the Cotton Club with John Abercrombie's band. Had a question for you. Hope you are well!!

#0103 Re: Hi Masuo! Posted by website administrator Kaco [Mail]

2013-03-16 00:37 EST [Edit]

Hello Mr. Steve Hall,
Thank you for leaving a message to Mr. Masuo.

#0102 Hi Masuo! Posted by Steve hall [Mail] NY

2013-03-07 09:49 EST [Edit]

What's up, my man? Been so long, we old guys now,lol , i am 60 today, still fighting the same fight. Still(again) trying to release that music we recorded, Anywaze just wanted say hello, hope you are very well. All my best, Steve btw , where are you living now?

#0101 To Mr. Rudy Bird, Posted by website administrator Kaco [Mail]

2012-10-01 21:24 EST [Edit]

Thank you for your post!

Mr. Masuo tried to send you a reply message by email
but it returned to him undelivered.
So I then tried contacting you by email,
which I hope reached you all right.
But if you have not received email from me yet,
would you please kindly email me at kaco@ymasuo.com ?

Thank you.

#0100 Re: Greetings From Manila, Philippines for Sir Yoshiaki Masuo Posted by website administrator Kaco

2012-10-01 21:22 EST [Edit]

Hello Mr. Christian Callanta,

I wish I could let you listen to Mr. Masuo's recent
performances of his original tunes with his band.

Thank you for your message to Mr. Yoshiaki Masuo!

#0099 Hello from Rudy Bird! Posted by Rudy Bird [Mail] West Orange, New Jersey

2012-10-01 17:13 EST [Edit]

Hello Masuo,

Hope everything with you is excellent. I was going through my CDs and came across two that I played percussion on... "Just like Old Times" & "A Subtle One". It brought back good memories. I just came back from Japan with Kenny Garrett.

Would love to hear from you. Will give you my phone number when you reply.

So long for now,

Rudy Bird (Percussionist)

#0098 Greetings From Manila, Philippines for Sir Yoshiaki Masuo Posted by Christian Callanta [Mail]

2012-09-30 01:05 EST [Edit]

Dear Sir Yoshiaki, I am listening to your first ever Album - Good Morning released in 1979. It has many great tunes and my favorites are "Because Of You", (I'm Still) Believing In Dreams, "A Little Bit More". Thank you so much for the wonderful music...I hope you can come up again with an album similar to your Good Morning 1979. Sayonara!

#0097 Re: Gondola No Uta Posted by website administrator Kaco [Mail]

2012-06-06 00:05 EST [Edit]

I have not heard anything about it from Mr. Masuo yet, but
I went to the website www.jasrac.or.jp of JASRAC (the Japanese
Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers)
and found that both the music and words to this song
have entered the public domain, as you guessed.

There is a song database on JASRAC's website.
The database front page (search form) is this:

Once your browser has displayed the database front page,
then the browser should be able to display the following page,
which shows the "GONDORANO UTA" record in the database
(but mostly in Japanese text, sorry):


It says the copyrights on this song, both for music and words,
have expired.

According to other web pages, the song was released in 1915.

#0096 Gondola No Uta Posted by Justin Wiles [Mail] Hickory, NC

2012-06-05 16:39 EST [Edit]

Hello. I am releasing an album with an instrumental version of Gondola No Uta (The Gondola Song), and have been unable to find a publisher for this song. I am curious as to whether Mr. Masuo had to obain a license to release this song. If so, would you mind letting me know how to get in touch with the publisher? It may be in the public domain. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I love this version of the song, by the way! Thanks very much,

#0095 Re: Sonny Rollins Ronnie Scott's Club 1974 Posted by website administrator Kaco

2012-02-22 10:25 EST [Edit]

Hello Mr. George Cole,

Thank you for the information and your comment.

I checked out the BBC page and YouTube videos.

BBC's page:
BBC Four -- Arena
Sonny Rollins: Beyond the Notes

Arena - Sonny Rollins '74: Rescued!
(I also see on YouTube some shorter clips
that seemingly share the same source.)

Yes, I like it!
Really happy that the old tape was rescued and broadcast to the UK,
and now anyone (including me in Japan) can see it.

#0094 Sonny Rollins Ronnie Scott's Club 1974 Posted by George Cole [Mail] www.thelastmiles.com

2012-02-20 08:33 EST [Edit]

Greetings from the UK!

Our national broadcaster, the BBC, recently showed an old film (thought to have been lost) of Sonny Rollins playing at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club in 1974, with a band that included Yoshiaki Masuo.

If you are a fan of Yoshiaki Masuo you should try and get to see the show - his playing is fantastic and he plays an amazing solo on one of the numbers!

#0093 Re: Thank You Posted by website administrator Kaco [Mail]

2012-02-20 04:42 EST [Edit]

Dear Liu Tak-sun,
Happy to hear such a story. :)
Regarding the email sent to you by Mr. Masuo,
I have done nothing except for making some arrangement on this
message board so that Mr. Masuo can easily know of a new post. :)

And thank you very much for purchasing One Word and
your donation.

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