Message Board Help in English (updated on Jan. 13, 2000) [日本語ヘルプ >>]

Field/Button Description
  To post a message,
first, fill in at least the following three required fields
  • Subject and/or Message field 
  • Your Name field
  • Password field (for your possible later editing)

and then click .

Subject: Title of your posting.
Message: Body.
In this box, you can use the following HTML tags:
  • <a href="http://url">web page description</a>
    (Do not omit http://
  • <b>letters to display in bold</b>
  • <s>letters with a strike-out line </s>
  • <tt>monospace font</tt>
Your Name: Your online name. Do not change it too often.
Password: Any password you like for your possible later editing..
( E-mail: ) (Optional) Your e-mail address
( Save password: ) Check this box to save the password on your computer, unless you share the computer with other persons. 
( Country
and/or URL: )
(Optional) Your town, contry, and/or URL. Do not omit "http://" when entering your URL.  In this box, you can use the following HTML tags:
  • <a href="http://web address">web page description</a>

Such a pair of link tags will be automatically added to any http://... format address if you do not manually specify any.

Reloads the latest board's data from the web server, refreshing the view.
Restores the Subject and Message fields to their initial state, that is, the state before starting the edit session.
Post button. (Clicking this button without entering any subject nor message reloads the board's data)
[Edit] Modify/Delete button. This button appears at the upper right of your posted message section.
When you have made a modification, the time at which you modified is displayed in addition to the timestamp of initial posting. If you modify within 15 minutes after your initial posting, the modification time will not be stamped.
When you want to change any important or critical piece of information  in your message, please announce the change in a new message rather than just modifying your already-posted message.