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Yoshikai Masuo is a prolific composer. Here are just a few, in a handwritten sheet form, of Masuo's many many compositions. And some lyrics to Masuo's music.

Important!: No reproduction or distribution of any part of the music or the lyrics is allowed except for personal non-commercial use.

You can view the image of each handwritten sheet by clicking its song title below. To return from the image view to this page, use the [Back] button of your browser.

>> Are You Happy Now by Yoshiaki Masuo (78 KB gif)

>> Walkin' Around by Yoshiaki Masuo (57 KB gif)

>> Small Steps by Yoshiaki Masuo (86 KB gif)

ゥ Yoshiaki Masuo.   All rights reserved.

>> For the Old Boys (Instrumental version is on the "Are You Happy Now" CD)

>> You Make My Love Burn Bright (on remixed CD of "Just Like Old Times" )

>> Still Believing in Dreams (IInstrumental version is on the "Good Morning" album)

ゥ Yoshiaki Masuo and Shirley Masuo. All rights reserved.


Copyright notice : The contents are intended for personal non-commercial use only. No part of the materials on this website, including but not limited to the lyrics, music, text, and graphics, may be reproduced, distributed, or re-posted in any form or manner including but not limited to printing, copying or transcribing.


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