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As a Leader or Primary Artist -- Later Period ( years 1991 - latest )

You can listen to a few sound clips for for each album.

Album Title
& Release Date(s)
Songs Personnel
& Recording Data

I'm Glad There Is You
Yoshiaki Masuo / Bill Mays
Cover of I'm Glad There Is You

Sunshine Ave. Label, SUNL-1003 (Sep, 2009)

1. I'm Glad There Is You
2. Part of the Deal (Yoshiaki Masuo)
3. People Time
4. Chi Chi/Sippin' at Bells
5. The Folks Who Live on the Hill
6. Blue Daniel
7. Madrugada (Bill Mays)
8. Wonder Why
9. Fall (Wayne Shorter)
10. Get Out of Town
11. Young and Foolish

Yoshiaki Masuo 増尾好秋(g)

Bill Mays ビル・メイズ (p)

Life Is Good
Yoshiaki Masuo with Larry Goldings and Lenny White
lifeisgood120.jpg (7713 バイト)

Sunshine Ave. Label, SUNL-1001 (Aug 20, 2008)

01 Life is Good (Music by Yoshiaki Masuo; Lyrics by Yoshiaki and Shirley Masuo)
02 Wet Dog (Yoshiaki Masuo )
03 Run Away (Winter Samba) (Music by Yoshiaki Masuo; Lyrics by Shirley Masuo)
04 The Tree (Yoshiaki Masuo)
05 YOH (Music by Yoshiaki Masuo; Lyrics by Shirley Masuo)
06 On Greene Street (Yoshiaki Masuo)
07 Pannonica (T . Monk )
08 Blackbird (Lennon/McCartney)
09 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (Mick Jagger/Keith Richards)
10 Another Christmas Song (Yoshiaki Masuo)
11 The Gondola Song (Gondola to Uta) (Shinpei Nakayama/Isamu Yoshii)

01: Masuo (lead vo, g, keyb, perc), Noriatsu Naraoka (b), Tony Cintron Jr. (ds), Shirley Masuo (background vo, perc)
02: Masuo (g, keyb), Larry Goldings (org), Lenny White (ds)
03: Masuo (g, lead vo, keyb), Larry Goldings (org), Kip Reed (electric b), Kazuo Yoshida (ds, perc), Steve Sacks (Alto flute and section arrangement), Background vo by The 2 Lips)
04: Masuo (g, keyb), Larry Goldings (org), Bill Mays (piano), Yoshio "Chin" Suzuki (b), Tony Cintron, Jr. (ds)
05: Masuo (g, vo, keyb), Larry Goldings (org), Lenny White (ds)
T.M. Stevens (el. b), Nathaniel Townsley (ds), Tony Cintron, Jr. (ds), Ted Nash (flutes), Marcus Printup (flugelhorn), Mark Soskin (keyb)
Background vocals: Sali Oguri, Gayle Oshiro, Shirley Masuo
Horn arrangement by Bill Mays and Yoshiaki Masuo
06, 07: Masuo (g), Larry Goldings (org), Lenny White (ds)
08: Masuo (g, vo, keyb), Larry Goldings (org), Lenny White (ds), Shirley Masuo (vo)
09: Masuo (g, vo), Larry Goldings (org), Lenny White (ds), T.M. Stevens (electric b)
10: Masuo (g), Larry Goldings (org), Lenny White (ds)
11: Masuo (g and vo)

Are You Happy Now
Yoshiaki Masuo with Larry Goldings and Lenny White

US: Sunnyside, SSC 1083D (Nov. 9, 1999)

cover art of Are You Happy Now (6470 バイト)
(Dec.16, 1998)

1. Small Steps (Masuo) SoundClip
2. Snap Jam (Masuo)
3. For the Old Boys (Masuo) There are Lyrics writtien to it by Yoshiaki Masuo. (* Josephine on Track 3 in the Japan relase.)
4. Josephine (Masuo) (* For the Old boys on track 4 in the Japan release.)
5. Miles Run (Masuo) SoundClip
6. Skating in Central Park (John Lewis)
7. Walkin' Around (Masuo)
8. E. J. (Masuo)
9. Are You Happy Now (Masuo) SoundClip

All tunes written and arranged by Yoshiaki Masuo except (6) written by John Lewis, (1) flute arrangement by Steve sacks, and (2) horn arrangement by Yoshiaki Masuo and Souichi Noriki.
Yoshiaki Masuo (guitar)
Larry Goldings (organ)
Lenny White (drums)
Rudy Bird (perc)
Will Boulware (keyb)
Barry Danielian (tp)
Scott Kreitzer (tenor sax)
Souichi Noriki (keyb)
Steve Sacks (alto flute)

Produced by Yoshiaki Masuo
Co-produced by Sam Copro (Japan release)
Co-produced by Shirley Masuo (U.S. release)
Recorded by Jon Rosenberg and Yoshiaki Masuo Feb. and May, 1996 at The Studio, NYC.
Mixed by Yoshiaki Masuo

Note about this album written by Y. Masuo on the Sunnyside website.

Just Like Old Times
Yoshiaki Masuo
justlike_mrx120.jpg (6596 バイト)
Re-mix JazzCity Spirit TKCB-72407 (Aug 21, 2002) It is recommended you listen to this re-mix version rather than the original mix, if you choose one.

cover art of Just Like Old Times (6798 バイト)
JazzCity Spirit from Tokuma Japan, TKCA-70047 (Apr 25, 1993)

1. J.A.B. (Masuo) SoundClip
2. Sonnyside Up (Masuo)
3. Good To Be Here (Sadao Watanabe)
4. Minor Samba (Masuo) SoundClip

* Letters in gray are for the original mix CD.
5. Into The Night (Masuo)
6. Corvallis (Masuo)
7. You Make My Love Burn Bright (Masuo)
8. Moose The Mooche (Charlie Parker)
9. Old Folks (Dedette Lee Hill, Willard Robinson)

* Following are for remix CD.
5. Corvallis (Masuo) 
6. You Make My Love Burn Bright (Masuo) SoundClip
7. Moose The Mooche (Charlie Parker)
8. Old Folks (Dedette Lee Hill, Willard Robinson)
9. Into The Night (Masuo)
10. You Make My Love Burn Bright (vocal version) * Track 10 is on the remixed CD only (→Lyrics by Shirley Masuo)

06 YouMake...
Yoshiaki Masuo (guitar, keyboards)
渡辺貞夫 (alto sax, sopranino sax)
Kenny Drew Jr. (piano, keyboards)
鈴木良雄 (bass)
Buddy Williams (drums)
Rudy Bird (percussion)
The 2 Lips (background vocals)*

Produced by Yoshiaki Masuo
Recorded by David Baker and Katsuhiko Naitoh in October, 1992 at The Studio, NYC
Mixed by Katsuhiko Naitoh and Yoshiaki Masuo in February 1993
Mastered by Phil Klum in February 1993
*Additional recording (for track 10) by Eiji Takasugi in June, 2002 at The Studio, NYC
Remixed and remastered by Yoshiaki Masuo and Eiji Takasugi at The Studio
Executive producer: Tony Ariga

A Subtle One
Yoshiaki Masuo
(Nov 21, 2001)

cover art of A Subtle One (7597 バイト)
JazzCity label from Pony Canyon
PCCY-30025 1991

1. Opus de Funk (Horace Silver) SoundClip
2. You're My Everything ( Words by Mort Dixon, Joe Young; Music by Harry Warren)
3. No More Dreams (Yoshiaki Masuo) SoundClip
4. A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square (Words by Eric Maschwitz; Music by Manning Sherwin)
5. Reminiscence (Yoshiaki Masuo)
6. A Subtle One (Stanley Turrentine)
7. My Friend Jim (Yoshiaki Masuo)
8. Anohini Kaeritai (Yumi Arai) SoundClip
Yoshiaki Masuo (guitar) 1-8.
Kenny Kirkland (piano) 1, 4, 5, 7
Will Boulware (keyboards) 3, 6, 7
Ron Carter (bass) 1-7
Lincoln Goines (el. bass) 8.
Al Foster (drums) 1, 4, 5, 7
Grady Tate (drums) 2, 3, 6
Ruddy Bird (percussion) 3, 6, 7, 8
Romero Lubambo (guitar) 8
Gil Goldstein (piano) 8
Buddy Williams (drums) 8

Produced by Yoshiaki Masuo and Tony Ariga
Recorded by David Baker, Katsuhiko Naito and Scott Ansel
Mixed by David Baker, Katsuhiko Naito and Yoshiaki Masuo in July and August, 1991 at The Studio, NYC
Mastered by Greg Calbi in Aug 1991, aat Sterling Sound, NYC
Re-mastered by Yoshihiro Kawasaki
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