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As a Leader or Primary Artist -- Earlier Period (years 1969 - 1990)

You can listen to a few sound clips for each album.

Album Title
& Release Date(s)
Songs Personnel
& Recording Data
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cover art of Acoustic Duo (5363 バイト)
Lush Life-Billy-Tokyo Acoustic Duo
Yoshiaki Masuo & Tsutomu Okada

Pony Canyon PCCY-00126
(Jun 21, 1990)

1. Tokyo (T. Okada) SoundClip
2. Lush Life (Billy Strayhorn) SoundClip
3. First Show (T. Okada)
4. I Remember Cliford (Benny Golson/John Hendricks)
5. Cheryl (Charlie Parker)
6. Billy (T. Okada)
7. Stablemates (Benny Golson) SoundClip
8. My Friend Jim (Y. Masuo) SoundClip
Yoshiaki Masuo (guitar)
Tsutomu Okada (bass)

Recorded at The Studio, NYC Oct. 1989 by Yoshiaki Masuo
LDK Studio, Tokyo April 1990 by Hidemichi Tanaka

cover art of Masuo
Yoshiaki Masuo

EPIC/SONY, A TOUCH 28-8P-5246 (May 21,1989)

1. Sunny Days SoundClip
2. East Man
3. Impressions
4. Cycles
5. Into The Night SoundClip
6. Gone Blue SoundClip
7. Jaco
8. P.L.L.
9. Song for Do Do Bird SoundClip

All tunes composed by Yoshiaki Masuo
All music composed, arranged, and played by Yoshiaki Masuo.

Produced by Yoshiaki Masuo
Co-produced by Shirley Masuo
Recorded by Yoshiaki Masuo at The Studio, NYC.
Mixed by Jay Messina and Yoshiaki Masuo at Record Plant Studios. NYC.

cover art of Mellow Focus
Mellow Focus
Yoshiaki Masuo

CD: POLYSTAR, 3153 11 (Sep 1, 1983)
LP: POLYSTAR, 28P-29 (Mar 25, 1982)

Side 1:
1. Pulsar -- Captain Video -- SoundClip
2. Surf Side
3. Minor Samba (for Sadao san) SoundClip
4. Time for April SoundClip

Side 2:
1. Leader SoundClip
2. Sweet and Easy
3. Taiho's Tune (Masuo's Cat)
4. Blue Haven (for Akira) SoundClip

All tunes composed by Yoshiaki Masuo
Yoshiaki Masuo (guitar, bass, keyboards)
Jeffery Kawalek (Yamaha-synthesizer)
Jan Hammer (prophet 5)
Kenny Kirkland (keyboards)
Bill O'connell (piano)
Will Lee (bass)
Bob Cranshaw (bass)
T.M. Stevens (bass)
Tommy Campbell (drums)
Buddy Williams (drums)
Tony Smith (drums)
Robbie Gonzales (congas)
Shirley (percussion)

Produced & arranged by Yoshiaki & Shirley Masuo
Recorded in December 1981 and January 1982
New York Concerto
Jeo Chambers & Friends featuring Yoshiaki Masuo
( → See As Sideman) ※ Masuo does not consider this as his own album although many fans thought it was. It was NOT Masuo who decided on what songs to be recorded for this album.

cover art of Finger Dancing
Finger Dancing
Yoshiaki Masuo with Jan Hammer

CD: KING KICJ-2405 (Dec 10, 2014); Roving Spirits/Electric Bird, RKCJ-6016 (Dec 14, 2005)
LP: KING Electric Bird K28P-6071 1981

Side 1:
1. Waiting No More (Jan Hammer) SoundClip
2. All Right (Jan Hammer) SoundClip
3. Young Filly (Jan Hammer)

Side 2:
1. Let us Go (Jan Hammer)
2. A Little Bit More (Y. Masuo) SoundClip
3. Sunshine Avenue (Y. Masuo)

Arranged by Yoshiaki Masuo & Jan Hammer
Yoshiaki Masuo (electric guitar)
Jan Hammer (oberheim,mini moog, YAMAHA CP70)
Russel Blake (electric bass)
Tony Cintron, Jr (drums)

Produced by Yoshiaki Masuo & Shigeyuki Kawashima
Recorded at Yubin Chokin Hall, Tokyo, Japan Oct. 15 & 16, 1980
Recorded at King Studio, Oct. 19?21, 1980

cover art of Song is You and Me
The Song is You and Me
Yoshiaki Masuo

CD: KING KICJ-2385 (Dec 10, 2014); KICJ92305 (Aug 5, 2009);
KICJ 2004 (Mar 21, 1990)
LP: KING Electric Bird K28P-6043 (Dec. 21, 1980)

Side 1:
1. The Song Is You and Me (Yoshiaki Masuo) SoundClip
2. The Song Is Me and You (Y. Masuo, Y. Yokokura)
3. (Living the) High Life (Y. Yokokura) SoundClip
4. Bluesion (Y. Masuo, V. Bruce Godsey, T.M. Stevens, R. Gonzales)

Side 2:
1. Saratoga Girl (Y. Masuo) SoundClip
2. Summer Rain (Y. Yokokura)
3. Deanna (T. Cintron Jr.) SoundClip
4. Two Hearts (Y. Masuo)

Arranged by Yoshiaki Masuo & Yutaka Yokokura
Horn & strings arranged and conducted by Yutaka Yokokura
Yoshiaki Masuo (electric & acoustic guitars, acoustic piano, overheim, perc, bells, vocal)
Yutaka Yokokura (electric piano, oberheim)
Jan Hammer (electric piano, mini moog)
Michael Brecker (tenor sax)
Randy Brecker (trumpet, flugel horn)
Alan Rubin (trumpet, flugel horn)
David Tofani (alto sax, flute)
Victor Brouce Godsey (electric piano)
Jorge Dalto (electric piano)
Neil Jason (electric bass)
T.M.Stevens (electric bass)
Russel Blake (electric bass)
Buddy Williams (drums)
Tony Cintron Jr. (drums)
Robbie Gonzales (drums)
Carol M. Steele (percussion)
Pecker (percussion)
N.Y. Strings Section

Recorded at Electric Lady Studio, N.Y. & King Records Studio, Japan in September & Octorber, 1980
Produced by Yoshiaki Masuo & Shigeyuki Kawashima

cover art of Masuo Live
Masuo Live
Yoshiaki Masuo

CD: KING KICJ-2384 (Dec 10, 2014); KICJ 92304 (Aug 5, 2009); Roving Spirits/Electric Bird, RKCJ-6010 (Oct 23, 2002)
LP: KING Electric Bird, SKS8017 (1980)

Side 1:
1. Dealing with Life SoundClip
2. Good Morning SoundClip
3. Look Away from Me
4. A Threesome SoundClip
Side 2:
2. I will Find a Place
3. Vient Fresco
Arranged by Yoshiaki Masuo
Yoshiaki Masuo (el. guitar)
Motoaki Masuo (el. guitar)
Victor Bruce Godsey (keyboard)
T. M. Stevens (el. bass)
Robbie Gonzales (drums)
Shirley Masuo (perc)

Recorded Live at Kouseinenkin Hall, Tokyo, Japan.
February, 9, 1980

cover art of  Good Morning
Good Morning
Yoshiaki Masuo

CD: KING KICJ-2383 (Dec 10, 2014); KICJ92303 (Aug 5, 2009); KICJ 2202 (Jun 21, 2000); KICJ 8055 (July 7,1994); KICJ 2003 (Mar 21,1990);
LP: KING Electric Bird, SKS 8013 (1979)

Side A:
1. (I'm Still) Believing in Dreams (Yoshiaki Masuo) SoundClip Later lyrics were written to this tune
2. Good Morning (Yoshiaki Masuo)
3. Because of You (Motoaki Masuo)

Side B:
1. Inside Love (Motoaki Masuo) SoundClip
2. A Little Bit (Yoshiaki Masuo) SoundClip
3. Dealing with Life (Yoshiaki Masuo)
4. A Little Bit More (Yoshiaki Masuo)
Yoshiaki Masuo (guitar, synthesizer, vocal)
Motoaki Masuo (guitar, synthesizer)
Victor Bruce Godsey (acoustic and electric piano)
T.M.Stevens (electric bass, piccolo bass)
Robbie Gonzales (drums, congas)
Shirley Masuo (percussion)
Delie (hammond organ)
Margaret Ross (harp)
Josan (background vocal)

Produced & Arranged by Yoshiaki Masuo & Motoaki Masuo
Produced & directed by Shigeyuki Kawashima

cover art of Sunshine Avenue
Sunshine Avenue
Yoshiaki Masuo

CD: KING KICJ-2382 (Dec 10, 2014); KICJ92302 (Aug 5, 2009); KICJ 2002
LP: KING Electric Bird, SKS 8005 (1979)

Side 1:
1. Sunshine Avenue (Yoshiaki Masuo) SoundClip
2. Your Love Is Never Ending (Victor Bruce Godsey) SoundClip
3. A Threesome (Victor Bruce Godsey)

Side 2:
1. Look to Me (Charles Talerant) SoundClip
2. Someone (Charles Talerant)
3. I Will Find a Place (Charles Talerant)
Yoshiaki Masuo (el.g, ac.g, solina, perc)
Victor Bruce Godsey (ac.p, el.p, clavinet, vocal)
T.M.Stevens (el.b, piccolo bass)
Robbie Gonzales (drums)
Charles Talerant (percussion)
Papo "Conga" Puerto (congas)
Jorge Dalto (ac.p)
Shirley Masuo (perc)
Michael Chimes (harmonica)

Produced and Arranged by Yoshiaki Masuo
Co-Produced by Shirley Masuo
Produced & Directed by Shigeyuki Kawashima
Recorded at Electric Lady Studios, N.Y. 1979

Sailing Wonder
Yoshiaki Masuo

CD: KING KICJ-2381 (Dec 10, 2014); KICJ92301 (Aug 5, 2009); KICJ 2201 (Jun 21, 2000); KICJ 8282 (July 24, 1998); KICJ 2001 (Mar 21, 1990);
LP:KING Electric Bird, SKS 8001 (May 21, 1978)

Side 1:
1. Saling Wonder (Yoshiaki Masuo) SoundClip
2. Treasure Island (Shirley Masuo & Yoshiaki Masuo)
3. Shootin' the Breeze (Yoshiaki Masuo)
4. Nature's Anthem 自然への賛歌 (Yoshiaki Masuo) SoundClip

Side 2:
1. Kirk Out (Yoshiaki Masuo & T. M. Stevens)
2. Cracker Jack (Yoshiaki Masuo)
3. Viento Fresco 豪風 (for Sonny) (Yoshiaki Masuo) SoundClip
Arranged by Yoshiaki Masuo
Yoshiaki Masuo (el.g, ac.g, syn, perc)
Eric Gale (el.g)
Dave Grusin (syn)
Rechard Tee (p, org, clav)
Mike Nock (syn)
Gordon Edwards (el.b)
T. M. Stevens (el.b)
Steve Gadd (ds)
Howard King (ds)
Al Mack (ds)
Bashiri (congas)
Warren Smith (perc)
Shirley Masuo & Judy Anton (chorus)
Recorded Jun. 25 to Nov. 15, 1977 at Electric Lady Studio, New York

cover art  of 111 Sullivan Street
111 Sullivan Street
Yoshiaki Masuo

CD: UCCJ-9030 (Oct 23, 2002); UCCJ4028 (Jan 25, 2001)
LP: EAST WIND 15PJ-1004; EAST WIND from Universal, EW8020 (1976)

Side 1:
1. Swing 42 (Django Reinhardt) *4
2. God Bless the Child (B. Holiday - A. Herzog. Jr.) *3
3. Like Someone in Love (J. Van Heusen - J. Burke) *2 SoundClip
4. Look For the Silver Lining (J Kern - B.G.De Sylva) *3
Side 2:
1. Washington Square Bules (Yoshiaki Masuo) *3 SoundClip
2. Reminiscence (Yoshiaki Masuo) *4
3. West Side Highway (Yoshiaki Masuo) *1
4. Without a Song (V. Youmans - E. Eliscu - B. Rose) *4 SoundClip
Yoshiaki Masuo (g)
Bob Mover (alto sax)
Bob Cranshaw (bass)
David Lee (drums)
Yoshio Suzuki (bass)
Jim Lovelece (drums)

*1 Yoshiaki Masuo
*2 Masuo (g), Bob Mover (as)
*3 Masuo (g), Bob Cranshaw (b), David Lee (ds)
*4 Masuo (g), Bob Mover (as), Yoshio Suzuki (b), Jiim Lovelece (ds)

Recorded in September 27,28 1975

cover art  of 24/Yoshiaki Masuo
Yoshiaki Masuo

CD:SICP-3150 (2011/05/25, Sony Music Japan)
LP:SOPC57103J (1971 Sony)

Side A:
1. Uptight (Yoshiaki Masuo) SoundClip
2. Shirley (Yoshiaki Masuo)
3. 24 (Yoshiaki Masuo)
Side B:
1. Corvallis (Yoshiaki Masuo) SoundClip
2. Dirty Mashy Toe (Yoshiaki Masuo)
3. Round Trip: Coming (Yoshiaki Masuo) SoundClip
4. Soft Sadness (Yoshiaki Masuo)
Yoshiaki Masuo (guitar)
Hideo Ichikawa (el. piano) on A1,A3,B2,B3,B4
Sadao Watanabe (flute, percussion) on B1
Yoshio Suzuki (bass, cello, perc.)
Motohiko Hino (drums) on A1,A3
Hiro Tsunoda (drums, percussion) on A2,B1,B2,B3
Tetsuo Fushimi (tp) on B2,B3
Kazutoshi Ohkubo (tp) on B2,B3
Takehito Fujioka (tp) on B2,B3
Takashi Imai (tb) on B2,B3
Shigemichi Dohmoto (btb) on B2,B3

Recorded on Oct 12 & 19, 1970

cover art  of Winds of Barcelona
Winds of Barcelona
Yoshiaki Masuo and his group

ACD/CD Hybrid: * Sony Music Japan International SICP-10042 in paper sleeve (2007/6/20 2,730円 );
CD: Village Records, VRFL-0006 (Sep 19, 1998);
Vinyl EP: CBS SONY, SONE 70065-J;
LP:  23AP 1076; CBS SONY SONP 50069-J (1969);

Side A:
1. Winds of Barcelona (S. Lake) * SoundClip
2. Scarborough Fair (P. Simon - A. Garfunkel) *
3. Stoned Soul Picnic (L. Nyro)
4. One for Wes (Yoshiaki Masuo) SoundClip
Side B:
1. I say a Little Prayer (B. Bacharach - H.David) *
2. Gary's Tune (Sadao Watanabe) *
3. What the World Needs Now is Love (B. Bacharach - H. David) SoundClip
4. Winds of Barcelona (Ei Presidente) -- theme -- (S. Lake)
※ EP disc version only includes the tracks marked with asterisk * above.
Yoshiaki Masuo 増尾好秋 (guitar)
Kiyoshi Sugimoto 杉本喜代志 (guitar)
Hideo Miyata 宮田英夫 (flute)
Yoshio Suzuki 鈴木良雄 (bass)
Fumio Watanabe 渡辺文男 (drums)
Rally Sunaga ラリー須永 (percussion)
Kazuo Yashiro 八城一夫 (organ)
Nobuhiro Suzuki 鈴木信宏 (vib. & marimba)

Recorded at Taihei Studio 太平スタジオ, Shinjuku, Tokyo on Feb. 19 and May 1 (or Mar 1?), 1969

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