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Yoshiaki Masuo Discography  ( in English )

Online Music Stores to Browse for Yoshiaki Masuo's Albums:

■ Amazon in US: Amazon (Yoshiaki Masuo) / TowerRecords (Yoshiaki Masuo)

■ Music stores in Japan: Amazon Japan (Yoshiaki Masuo), Amazon Japan (増尾好秋);
HMV in Japan, HMV (Yoshiaki Masuo), HMV (増尾好秋)

Index| As Leader--Later/Eearlier | As Sideman | Omnibus | Compilation | Video |AsProducer--JazzCity/JC Spirit/SunAv

Discography Index

As a Leader/Primary Artist -- (2) Later period (1991 - latest ) Clisk to view details.

As a Leader/Primary Artist -- (1) Earlier period (1969- 1990) Clisk to view details.

As a Sideman Click to view details.

Omnibus Click to view details.

Compilations Click to view details.

1) Compiled from Masuo's albums only

2) Compiled from other albums (partly under construction )

Video Recordings Click to view details.

As a Producer (Incomplete. Just part of albums Masuo has produced.)

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