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For The Old Boys Words and music by
Yoshiaki Masuo
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When my father was playing with The Old Boys
I used to go and play with them sometimes
Well they have gone now
And my heart feels that sadness
But please remember their music that smiled

So let's all come and play those great songs
When you're feeling low and somehow blue
Life goes so quickly
Let's go with that good feeling
And soon the sun will shine on you

My life is moving on
And yours is too, I guess
It's time to make the best of it
So I sing with the love

Which, I got from that band The Old Boys
Oh, the leader was a dandy man
He was the last one
Now we carry that same song
And life goes on and on and on

Look into your heart
And you will find the melody
Let's live life on the sunny,
And play that sweet music
Let's live life on the sunny side

© Yoshiaki Masuo. All rights reserved.
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