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The Studio (Masuo's recording studio in Soho, New York)
The Studio was closed at the end of Jan, 2008 after over 20 years of operation.   Photos on this page were taken in June, 2007.
The Studio in New York, Entrance(8772 bytes) Entrance of the building in which The Studio was located. It was in Soho, Manhattan:
   102 Greene St New York City, NY 10012

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ny284_studio_passage_25.jpg (27244 ???)

The Studio (27859 bytes)

The Studio (25729 bytes)


ny339_studio.jpg (44416 bytes)

Masuo and engineer Eiji Takasugi in control room
(The display screen happened to be totally in blue due to some failure
on the Mac computer. The machine was just about to be sent to repair. )

The Studio, (20444 bytes)

Some of masterpiece CDs recorded in The Studio.

ny211_greenest_up6.jpg (3667 bytes) In front of The Studio's building on Greene street.  looking uptown. Click the photo for an enlarged view.
ny599_greenest_6.jpg (3426 bytes) Looking downtown, down the Greene Street. The Studio's building was next to the one with two orange banners hanging.
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