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Compilations ベスト盤その他のコンピレーション (一部未入力)

1. 増尾好秋のベスト盤

Album Title
& Release Date(s)
Songs (Original Albums)
Treasure Island
Yoshiaki Masuo

CD: K32Y 6196 July 2, 1987
1. Sailing Wonder (from "Sailing Wonder")
2. Treasure Island (from "Sailing Wonder")
3. Shootin' the Breeze (from "Sailing Wonder")
4. Nature's Anthem (from "Sailing Wonder")
5. Kirk Out (from "Sailing Wonder")
6. Cracker Jack (from "Sailing Wonder")
7. Viento Fresco (for Sonny) (from "Sailing Wonder")
8. Sunshine Avenue  (from "Sunshine Avenue")
9. Your Love is Never Ending  (from "Sunshine Avenue")
10. Look to Me (from "Sunshine Avenue")
11. I will Find a Place (from "Sunshine Avenue")
Masuo Best Collection
Yoshiaki Masuo

LP: K28P-6149 Apr? 1982
Side A:
1. Sailing Wonder (from "Sailing Wonder")
2. (Living the) High Life (from "Song is You and Me")
3. Good Morning (from "Good Morning")
4. Sunshine Avenue (from "Sunshine Avenue")

Side B:
1. Because of You (from "Good Morning")
2. Treasure Island (from "Sailing Wonder")
3. Look to Me (from "Sunshine Avenue")
4. The Song is Me and You (from "The Song is You and Me")
Yoshiaki Masuo

LP: K19-P-9143 Dec 1, 1981
Side A:
1. Sailing Wonder (from "Sailing Wonder")
2. Sunshine Avenue (from "Sunshine Avenue")
3. Saratoga Girl (from "The Song is You and Me")
4. (I'm Still) Believing in Dreams (from "Good Morning")

Side B:
1. Good Morning
2. All Right (from "Finger Dancing")
3. Shootin' the Breeze (from "Sailing Wonder")
4. Song is Me and You (from "The Song is You and Me")
Masuo Special
Yoshiaki Masuo
45 rpm: K15P-6041
1. (I'm Still) Believing in Dreams (from "Good Morning")
2. Sunshine Avelue (from "Sunshine Avenue")
3. Sailing Wonder (from "Sailing Wonder")
4. Good Morning (from "Good Morning")

2. 他アーティストのベスト盤/寄せ集め (一部作成中)

Album Title
& Release Date(s)
(Artists of) Original Albums,  etc. Personnel, etc.
新生活 BGM~セルフ・チェンジ・ミュージック
(オムニバス) ジョイス、ドッチー・ラインハルト、ジョセ・バランス=ディアス、ジャン=ロジェ・コシモン、キヨシ小林、増尾好秋、クララ・モレーノ 01. サンバ・ダ・ゾナ, 02. ラヴズ・ショア, 03. ア・トンガ・ダ・ミロンガ・ドゥ・カブレテー, 04. 軽やかな音楽, 05. 君ほほえめば, 06. Small Steps, 07. 私の回転木馬, 08. Shanghai, 09. 南京虫のビギン, 10. アマポーラ, 11. rose is rose
(オムニバス) 高中正義、浪花エキスプレス、渡辺貞夫、CASIOPEA、ザ・プレイヤーズ、増尾好秋、THE SQUARE 01. レディ・トゥ・フライ, 02. ビリービン, 03. モーニング・アイランド, 04. ドミノ・ライン, 05. ワンダフル・ガイ, 06. ビコーズ・オブ・ユー, 07. トラヴェラーズ, 08. モーニング・フライト, 09. モーニング・ライト, 10. サンバ・デ・ラ・クルズ, 11. 放課後は日曜日, 12. トランス・カフェ, 13. ジェントル・アフタヌーン, 14. サバンナ・ホットライン, 15. 男が女を愛する時, 16. 黒船(嘉永6年6月4日)
オーマガトキ (OMCA-1079)
( 2007-11-21)
クララ・モレーノ、ジョイス&トニーニョ・オルタ 、吉田慶子、その他
8. ソ・ダンソ・サンバ(増尾好秋&NYサンバ・セッション)
Fusion Box "Legends" 2001 (Various Artists)
JP: 2001
Compilation of jazz-fusion albums released in Japan
>> Foa Records/Japan Music Education Center
(Set of ten CDs)
The Complete Blue Note Elvin Jones Sessions

JP: 19??
Blue Note recordings from 1968 through 1973:
BST 84282 Puttin' It Together
BST 84305 The Ultimate Elvin Jones
BST 84331 Poly-Currents
BST 84361 Coalition
BST 84369 Genesis
BST 84414 Merry-Go-Round
BN-LA 015-2 Live At The Lighthouse
BN-LA 110 Mr. Jones
BN-LA 506-2 The Prime Element
>> Mosaic Records (#195)
(Set of eight CDs)
Silver City: A Celebration of 25 Years on Milestone
Sonny Rollins

US: ? Nov 5 1996
JP: VICJ 40241/2 Jan 22 1997
Disc 1:
1. Autumn Nocturne [Live]
2. Duke of Iron
3. Cabin in the Sky
4. Harlem Boys
5. Where or When
6. To a Wild Rose [Live]
7. Mava Mava
8. Tennessee Waltz
9. G-Man [Live]

Disc 2:
1. McGhee
2. Someone to Watch over Me
3. I'm Old Fashioned
4. Just Once
5. Lucky Day
6. Darn That Dream
7. Silver City [live]
8. Skylark
9. Tell Me You Love Me
10. BijiSonny Rollins (sax)
Sonny Rollins
Tommy Campbell (drums)
Jack DeJohnette (drums)
Al Foster (drums)
Steve Jordan (drums)
David Lee (drums)
Mtume (percussion, conga)
Marvin "Smitty" Smith (drums)
Bill Summers (percussion, conga)
Tony Williams (drums)
Clifton Anderson (trombone)
Russell Blake (electric bass)
Alex Brofsky (horn)
Bob Broom (electric guitar)
George Cables (piano)
Stanley Cowell (piano)
Bob Cranshaw (electric bass)
Jon Faddis (flugelhorn)
Tommy Flanagan Piano
Jerome Harris (electric bass, electric guitar)
Yoshiaki Masuo (electric guitar, guitar)
Aurell Ray (12-string guitar)
Lucille Rollins (cowbell)
Stephen Scott (piano)
Mark Soskin (electric piano, fender rhodes, keyboards, piano, synthesizer)
Bob Stewart (tuba)
Byron Stripling (flugelhorn)
Jimmy Heath (conductor, arranger)
Winter Beach
JP: 1998
Blue Note Rare Grooves
(Various Artists)
CD:Blue Note 35636 1996

Styles: 70's, 60's, Soul-Jazz, Jazz-Funk
All of the tracks recorded between 1967 and 1971
Date of Release: Jan 9, 1967 - May 19, 1971 (approx.)
1. Bus Ride (Reuben Wilson)
2. Hunk O' Funk (Jack McDuff)
3. Hot Rod (Reuben Wilson)
4. Bird Wave (Jimmy McGriff)
5. Boogaloo (Stanley Turrentine)
6. Heaven on Earth (Larry Young)
7. Black Rhythm Happening (Eddie Gale)
8. String Bean (John Patton)
9. Groovin' for Mr. G (Richard Holmes)
10. Round Town (Elvin Jones) (from "Merry-Go-Round")
11. Soul Special (Andrew Hill)
12. Blackjack (Donald Byrd)
13. Serenade to a Savage (Candido)

Bob Belden (compilation producer), J.J. Jackson (arranger), Horace Ott (arranger) , Dr. George Butler (producer) , Joe Cain (arranger, producer) , Michael Cuscuna (series producer), Lew Futterman (producer), Rudy Van Gelder (engineer), Sonny Lester (producer) , Alfred Lion (producer), Dave Sanders (engineer), Francis Wolff (producer), Frank Owen (engineer) , Patrick Roques (design) , Tom Evered (series producer)
Performing Artists
George Benson (g), George Coleman (ts), Junior Cook (ts), Grant Green (g), Jan Hammer (el p), Billy Higgins (ds), Andrew Hill (p), Elvin Jones (ds), Byard Lancaster (as), Jimmy Lyons (as), Jimmy McGriff (org), Hank Mobley (ts), Lee Morgan (tp), Jimmy Ponder (g, ds), Sonny Red (as), Shirley Scott (org), Woody Shaw (tp), Stanley Turrentine (ts), Cedar Walton (p), Larry Young (org), Steve Grossman (ts), Roland Alexander (ss), Candido (perc), Eddie Gale (tp), Reuben Wilson (org), Weldon Irvine (el p), Melvin Sparks (g), Bob Cranshaw (el b), Clifford Jarvis (ds), Don Alias (perc), Walter Booker (b), Frank Anderson (p), Ray Armando (perc), Donald Byrd (tp), Eddie Gladden (ds), Bernie Glow (tp), Joe Grimm (woodwind), Richard "Groove" Holmes (org), Gerald Hubbard (g), Idris Muhammad (ds), Dave Liebman (ts), Herb Lovelle (ds), John Manning (ts), Jack McDuff (org), Frank Mitchell (ts), Leo Morris (ds), Big John Patton (org), Henry Pearson (b), Gene Perla (b), Alan Raph (tb), Reggie Workman (b), John "J.R." Robinson (vo, african ds), Pat Russo (tp), David Spinozza (g), Darryl Washington (ds), Jerry Jemmott (el b), Tommy Derrick (ds), Russell Lyle (ts), Herbert Morgan (ts), Judah Samuel (b), Masuo (g), JoAnn Gale Stephens (g)
Tokyo Jazz Story
JP: 1993
Twilight - Summer Sound Story
1984年 キングレコード
増尾好秋、森園勝敏、尼崎勝司、デヴィッド・マシューズ、沢井原児、本田俊之、D・サンボーン、S・ガッド、アール・クルー 全9曲 Believing in Dreams, Summer Rain
Sadao WatanabeJP: CBS Sony 25AP-1712; 18AH-1575 (1979)
CD: CBS Sony 25KP-511
Side A:
1. Kijiji (From "Sadao Watanabe")
2. Mbali Africa (From "Mbali Africa")
3. Tanzania E (From "Mbali Africa")
4. Upepo (From "Sadao Watanabe")
5.: Habari Yako (From "Mbali Africa")

Side B:
6. Pastoral (From "Pastoral")
7. Green Air (From "Paysages")
8. Echo (From "Open Road") Masuo
Gold Disc
Sadao WatanabeJP: SOPN 27-XJLP
Side A:
1. Pastoral (from "Pastoral")
2. Nostargia (from "Round Trip")
3. Tokyo Suit: Sunset (from "Montreux Jazz Festival")
4. Green Air (from "Paysages")
Side B:
1. Kijiji (from "Sadao Watanabe")
2. Upepo (from "Sadao Watanabe")
3. Round Trip (from "Round Trip")


Masuo appears on track A-1 and track A-3
'71 ポール・ウイナーズ・ジャズ・フエステイバル
JP: Nippon Phonogram-Phillips FX-8522 (Mar ?? 1972)
Side 1:
1. フリーダム・ジャズ・ダンス
2 .ダンシング・ミスト

Side 2:
1. バトル・アレイ
2. ウインド・ミル
3. サム・アザーデイ
4. ティッペラリー
Masuo plays on Freedom Jazz Dance and Dancing Mist, which are
from "Jazz Festival with '71" recorded May 29&30 1971
JP: Nippon Phonogram-Phillips FS-5072~3 (Jan ?? 1972)
Side 1: ダンシング・ミスト・ウィズ・ジョー・ヘンダーソン
Side 2: ダンシング・ミスト・アット・ヤマハ・ホール
Side 3: ダンシング・ミスト・ウイズ・菊地雅章セプテット
Side 4: ダンシング・ミスト・アット・サンケイ・ホール
Masuo plays on the second track on side 3,
which is from "Jazz Festival with '71" recorded May 29&30 1971.
Iberian Waltz
Sadao & Charlie

LP: Takt Jazz Series Columbia XMS-10012-CT (??); SL-5101-N
(Aug, 1974); Nippon Columbia YS-7502-CT (Nov, 1977)
CD: Denon Columbia 32C38-7690 (1985)
Side A:
1. Iberian Waltz (From "Iberian Walts")
2. I Thought About You (From "Iberian Walts")

Side B:
3. Palisades (From "We Got A New Bag")
4. Lament (From "We Got A New Bag")
5. You Are My Hearts Delight (From "We Got A New Bag")
This Is Electric Bird

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