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As a Sideman/Guest 共演/ゲスト参加アルバム

Album Title
& Release Date(s)
Songs Personnel
& Recording Data
akiko with 海野雅威 TRIO

POCS-1962 ユニバーサルミュージック

01 Jazz - introducing "How High The Moon"  (Words: akiko, Nancy Hamiton; Music: akiko, Morgan Lewis)
02 Poor Butterfly (Words: John Golden; Music: Raymond Hubbell)
03 East Of The Sun (Words: Brooks Bowman, akiko; Music: Brooks Bowman)
04 Crazy He Calls Me (Words: Bob Russell; Music: Carl Sigman)
05 Where Or When (Words: Lorenz Hart; Music: Richard Rodgers)
06 Come Rain Or Come Shine (Words: John H Mercer; Music: Harord Arlen)
07 For All We Know (Words: Samuel M Lewis; Music: Fred J Coots)
08 Let's Call The Whole Thing Off (Words & Music: George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin)
09 I Love You For Sentimental Reasons (Words: Deek Watson; Music: William "Pat" Best)
10 Look For The Silver Lining (Words: B.G.DeSlyva; Music: Jerome Kern)
11 Enjoy It While You Can (Words: akiko, Tadataka Unno; Music: Tadataka Unno)

Produced by akiko, Tadataka Unno

Vocal : akiko
Piano, Arrangement : Tadataka Unno
Bass : Yoshio Suzuki
Drum : Gene Jackson
Guitar : Yoshiaki Masuo (on Tracks 5, 10, and 11 only)

Recording Engineer : Daiki Iimura
Mixing & Mastering Enginner : Taiji Okuda
Recorded at Landmark Studio

Around the World
One レーベル (55 Records)
01 セイリング&ローリング (Yoshio Suzuki)
02 80日間世界一周 (Victor Young)
03 アイル・ビー・ウィズ・ユー (Yoshiaki Masuo)
04 バークリー・スクエアのナイチンゲール (E. Maschwitz-M. Sherwin)
05 ムーン・スルー・ザ・ウィンドウ (Yoshio Suzuki)
06 マイ・アイデアル (L. Robin-N. Chase-R. Whiting)
07 イン・ザ・フィールド (Yoshio Suzuki)
08 マイナー・アジャストメント (Yoshiaki Masuo)
09 ディープ・イン・ア・ドリーム (E. De Lange-J. Van Heusen)
10 ラスト・ラヴ (Yoshio Suzuki)
11 コーヴァリス (Yoshiaki Masuo)
12 ミュージック・フロム・ザ・レイク (Yoshiaki Masuo)
鈴木良雄 (bass)
増尾好秋 (guitar)

I Wish ~ 私の願い
Junko Ebihara

Sunshine Ave. Label, SUNL-1004 (Mar, 2011)

Recorded at the Studio, NYC in Nov. 2007. Additional recording at Studio Friends Music, Tokyo in July 2010
01. I With
02. No More Dreams
03. Sentimental Journey
04. I Can See Clearly Now
05. Tennessee Waltz
06. I Miss You
07. Lucky Lady
08. Blame It On My Youth
09. Smile
10. Somebody Loves Me
11. Cold Cold Heart
12. Arigato (Thank you)
海老原淳子 (vo, p, pianica) ( piano on tracks 1,5,6,7,12)
Mark Soskin (p, keyb)
Chip Jackson (b)
Marcello Pellitteri (ds)
Yoshiaki Masuo (guitar :on tracks 2, 9)

All Songs Arranged by Junko Ebihara

I Wish, I Miss You, and Arigato: words and Music by Junko Ebihara
No More Dreams: words by Junko Ebihara, Music by Yosiaki Masuo
Blues For Carnegie
Ryuji Osaki

(EMTJ-10511 (Feb 10, 2010)
01. Starlight In Your Eyes
02. 7th
03. Jennifer
04. Time to Shine
05. Love Life
06. In Love Again ~ Orange
07. Always Yours
08. Eternity
09. Blues For Carnegie
10. In the Rain
大崎龍治(p), トニー・マリーノ(b), マーク・テイラー(ds), 増尾好秋(g)

全10曲中4曲に増尾が参加 (05, 06, 07, 09)。

プロデュース by 大崎龍治&増尾好秋
録音 2009年6月 Kakinoki Studio にて
Softly as I Leave You
Nartha Miyake featuring Naoki Kigajima Trio / Yoshiaki Masuo

Recorded in May, 2009. Released in Nov 25, 2009
1. Try a Kuttke Tebderbess
2. My Shining Hour
3. I Remember Clifford
4. This is a Lovely Way to Spend an Evening
5. Body and Soul
6. Corcovado
7. Zing! Went The Strings of My Heart
8. Golden Earrings
9. Dream a Litle Dream of Me
10. Moonlight Serenade
11. Good Morning Heartache
12. The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else
13. 'Round Midnight
(14. Bonus Track)  Softly as I Leave You
Tracks 1-5, 7, 9-10, 12-13
Martha Miyake (vo)
Naoki Kitajima (p)
Shinichi Kato (b)
Ryo Saito (ds)

Tracks 6, 8, 11:
Martha Miyake (vo)
Yoshiaki Masuo (g)

Track 14
Martha Miyake (vo, p)


Butterfly Record BR-001 税込¥2,100 (May, 2005)
1. おぼろ月夜
2. 花嫁人形
3. どこかで春が
4. さくら
5. 雨
6. うみ
7. 夏は来ぬ
8. 叱られて
9. ゆりかごのうた
安ますみ (vo)
ビル・メイズ (p), マーチン・ウインド (b), マット・ウィルソン (ds)
増尾好秋 (ac g) (Track 7)

Produced by: Yoshiaki Masuo and Masumi Yasu
Recording engineer: Eiji Takasugi
Recorded at The Studio, NYC, NY in Sep, 2004
Mixed by Ikuyama Shimizuno atStudio Z's and swing bamboo studio
Mastered by Wataru Sato at Tokyo Recording Co., Ltd
Moon and Breeze
Yoshio Suzuki

VACV-1047 (Oct. 27, 2004)
1. 美ら海のテーマ
2. Moon and Breeze
3. Pantanal
4. Wings (in memory to Masaomi Urisaka)
5. Eastern Town
6. Falling Summer
7. Evening Ivory
8. Pasionate Lady (for Kyoko Seki)
9. 駒
10. On Autumn Lake
11. In The Cradle

All songs composed by Yoshio "Chin" Suzuki except "Theme for Shuraumi" by Yoshio Suzuki and Soichi Noriki. All the songs except "Wings", "Passionate Lady", "Koma" and "In The Cradle" arranged by Soichi Noriki. "Theme for Churaumi" was composed for the Okinawa Churaumi Aquatium.
鈴木良雄 (b)
渡辺貞夫 (as)
増尾好秋 (g)
野力奏一 (p, keyb, synth, arr)
井上信平 (fl)
藤陵雅裕 (sax)
村上寛 (ds)
セシル・モンロー (ds)
岡部洋一 (perc)
知名定男 (三線)

Recorded at Friends Music Studio, Tokyo in May - July, 2004
Mixed at Sony Music Studio Tokyo in July, 2004
Tsuyoshi Yamamoto

UGH-2000 G-H Nine (Jan 26, 2000)

1. Sometimes I'm Happy (Words: Irvings Casesar & Clifford Grey; Music:Vincent Youmans)
2. 君に言われた (Words: Yamamoto & Daisuke Yamamoto; Music:Tsuyoshi Yamamoto)
3. Stardust (Words:Mitchell Parish; Japanese lyric adaptation: Kyosen Ohashi; Music: Hoagy Carmichael)
4. Dinah (Words: Joe Young; Japanese lyric adaptation: Hatero Satoh; Music: Samuel M Lewis)
5. Who Can I Turn To? (Words&Music: Lesllie Bricusse and Anthony George Newly)
6. 月光価千金 (Words: Charles Tobias & William Jerome; Japanese lyric adaptation: 波島貞 & Ken'ichi Enomoto; Music: Larry Shay)
7. My Melancholy Baby (take 1) (Words: George A Norton & Meybelle Watson; Music: Ernie Burnett)
8. Body & Soul (Words: Robert Sour & Edward Heyman & Frank Eyton; Music: Johnny John W Green)
9. P.S. I Love You (Words&Music: Gordon Jenkeins & Johen H Mercer)
10. Kid (Words&Music: Tsuyoshi Yamamoto)
11. Just a Jigoro (Words&Music: Djang Reinhardt)
12. 雨に唄えば (Words:Arther Freed; Japanese liryc adaptarion:  Hiroshi Ikeda; Music: Nacio Herb Brown)
13. My Melancholy Baby (take 2)
山本剛 (vo, p)
増尾好秋 (g, keyb)
岡田勉 (b)
Earl Williams (ds)

Produced by Takeo Takayama (GHNineのマスター)
Directed by Thuyoshi Yamamoto and Yoshiaki Masuo
Recorded in Oct 1992 at the Studio NYC
The Meeting
Sonny Rollins

(1994 in ITALY) 海賊版?
1. The Meeting (Rollins)
2. Mc Ghee (Rollins)
3. There Is No Greater Love (Symes, Jones)
4. Don't Stop The Carnival (Rollins)
5. Alfie (Rollins)
6. St. Thomas (Rollins)

Sonny Rollins & Pat Metheny Live in Tokyo(Japan) 1983 Sonny Rollins Quintet Live in Laren(Holland) 1973

Tracks 1,2:
Sonny Rollins (ts)
Pat Metheny (g)
Alphonso Johnson (b)
Jack DeJohnette (ds)

Tracks 3-6:
Sonny Rollins (ts)
Yoshiaki Masuo (g)
Walter Davis,Jr. (p)
Bob Cranshaw (b)
David Lee (ds)

Tracks 1,2 recorded live in Tokyo, Japan, July 31, 1983
Tracks 3-6 recorded live in Laren, Japan, August 21/25, 1973
(Tracks 3-6 は、Live at Laren のビデオからとったものらしい)
Reel Life
Sonny Rollins

CD, JP:ユニバーサル UCCO5161 (2008/3/19); VICJ-60566 (May 24, 2000)

US: Milestone M-9108
JP: Victor VIJ-6391 (Jan, 1983);
Side A:
1. Reel Life (Sonny Rollins)
2. McGhee (Sonny Rollins)
3. Rosita's Best Friend (Sonny Rollins)

Side B:
1. Sonny Side Up (Yoshiaki Masuo)
2. My Little Brown Book (Billy Strayhorn)
3. Best Wishes (Sonny Rollins)
4. Solo Reprise (Sonny Rollins)
Sonny Rollins (tenor saxophone)
Bobby Broom (electric guitar)
Yoshiaki Masuo (acoustic guitar on "Rosita's Best Friend," electric guitar for other selections, and claves. Masuo does not play on "My Little Brown Book")
Bob Cranshaw (electric base, casbasa)
Jack DeJohnette (ds, congas&maracas)
Lucille Rollins (cowbell)

Guitar Solos:
- Bloom: "Reel Life," "Best Wishes"
- Masuo: "Sonny Side Up," "Rosita's Best Friend"
Produced by Sonny Rollins; Co-produced by Lucille Rollins
Recorded on Aug. 17-22, 1982
New York Concerto
Jeo Chambers & Friends featuring Yoshiaki Masuo

CD: BMG Japan BVCJ-37586 (2007/5/23)
BMG Fun House BVCJ 37130 (Jun 21, 2000);
LP: RVC Baystate RJL-8018 (Sep 21, 1981)
Side A:
1. アイリーナ Irina (Joe Chambers)
2. Two Hearts
3. Like Sonny (John Coltrane)
4. Visions (Joe Chambers)
5. 夜は千の眼をもつ A Night Has a Thousand Eyes (Weisman-Garrett-Wayne)

Side B:
1. アランフェス Concierto De Aranjuez (Joaquin Rodrigo)
2. ドハブフ Dhabihu (Joe Chambers)
3. ニューヨークの秋 Autumn in New York (Vernon Duke)
All arranged by Joe Chambers
Joe Chambers (drums & vibraphone)
Sonny Fortune (alto sax & flute)
Kenny Barron (piano & electric piano)
Eddie Gomez (bass)
Ray Mantilla (perc)
Yoshiaki Masuo (guitar)

Recorded June 11&12, 1981 at Van Gelder Studio, New Jersey

※ CD帯の表記 「増尾好秋&ジョーチェンバース」は増尾好秋のリーダー アルバムであるかのような印象を与えるが、これはジョー・チェンバースのリーダー・アルバム。選曲などは増尾氏本人の意思によるところではない。とはいえ増尾氏のギターが存分にフィーチャーされていて好評。
Just Groovin'
Anli Sugano

LP: Toshiba EMI, EAST WORLD EWS-8131 (1980?)
Side A:
1. アンリのテーマ (H. Suzuki)
2. ハイヤー・アンド・ハイヤー (P. Smith; G. Jacson; R. Mine; -B. Davis)
3. アントニオの歌 (M. Franks)
4. 哀しみのマンディ (S. English; R. Kerr)
5. ウィー・アー・オール・アローン (B. Scaggs)

Side B:
1. アルフィー (B. F. Bacharach; H. David)
2. 世界は日の出を待っている (E. Seitz ; E. Lockhart)
3. グルーヴィン (F.Cavaliere; E. Bligati)
4. ミスター・プリンター (J.J.Stanley; K. Tsutsumi)
5. アンリ・クロージング・テーマ (G. Starr; H. Suzuki)

[アンリ菅野, 井上鑑, 増尾好秋, 横内章次, 山本剛, 向井滋春, 清水靖晃, 村岡建, 土岐英史, 高水健司, 岡沢彰, 土方隆行, 山木秀夫, 穴井忠臣, etc.]
Anli Sugano Vocal
Akira Inoue (arrangement, p, el p, synth, Sennheiser, Vocoder)
Yoshiaki Masuo (el g) on A2, A4
Shoji Yokouchi (el g) on B2
Tsuyoshi Yamamoto (p) on B1
Shigeharu Mukai (tb) on A3
Yasuaki Shimizu (ss, ts) on A4, B2, B3
Takeru Muraoka (harmonica) on B1
Hidefumi Toki (as) on B-4
Kenji Takamizu (el b)
Akira Okazawa (el b)
Takayuki Hijikata (el g)
Hideo Yamaki (ds)
Yasushi Ichihara (ds)
Tadaomi Anai (perc)
Isao Kanayama (marimba)
Shunzo Sunahara (bs)
Jake H. Conception (as)
Kiyoshi Saitoh (ts)
Eiji Arai (tb)
Katsuyuki Sugimoto (bt)
Shin Kazuhara (tp)
Yoshikazu Kishi (tp, flh)
EVE (chorus)
Ohono Ensemble (strings)
Colgen New Band on A1, B5

Recording Date: Dec 79 - Mar 80
Manhattan Focus Manhattan Focus

CD: Roving Spirits RKCJ-6023 (Jun 21, 2006);
LP: SKS8007 (1979)
Side A:
1. Hocus-Pocus
2. O Que Sera
3. To My Lady
4. Mixed Roots

Side B:
1. Para Joe Busco
2. Amazon
3. Obligado Voce
4. Sao Pau-Lo
Al Foster (ds)
Yoshiaki Masuo (el g, ac g)
Bob Berg (ts)
Kunihiko Sugano 菅野邦彦 (ac p, el p)
Tom Harrell (flh)
Yoshio Suzuki 鈴木良雄 (ac b)
T.M. Stevens (el b)
Sammy Figueroa (perc)
Eddie Colon (perc)

Recorded in Nov. 1978 at Sound Ideas Studio,N.Y.
Venus Eyes

Manhattan Blaze

CD: Columbia, COCB54065 Jun 26, 2013 → Amazonで見るHMVで見る

LP: YX-7589 Mar 25, 1979
Side A:
1. Venus Eyes (John Stubblefield / arr: John Stubblefield)
2. Moon (Wayne Shorter/ arr: Joe Chambers )
3. Demon Upstairs (Ron Bridgewater / arr: Ron Bridgewater)

Side B:
1. Wefe (Cecil Bridgewater / arr: Cecil Bridgewater)
2. The Answer is Love (Hilton Ruiz / arr: Cecil Bridgewater)
3. Luisiana Strut (Cecil Bridgewater / arr: Cecil Bridgewater)
Cecil Bridgewater (arrange)
Hilton Ruize (p)
Alex Blake (b)
Joe Chambers (vibe)
Idris Muhamad (ds)
Ray Mantilla (perc)
Yoshiaki Masuo (g)
Eddie Henderson (tp)
John Stubblefield (ts)
brass section & strings section
"Manhattan Blaze" board of directors : Cecil Bridgewater, Joe Chambers, Yoshio Ozawa, Reggie Workmann
Produced by Yoshio Ozawa for Nippon Columbia
Recorded and mixed by Jim McCurdy at Sound Ideas Studio, New York City, October, 1978
Village in Bubbles
Kazumi Watanabe with Manhattan Blaze

CD: Better Days COCB-53295 (Dec 22, 2004)
LP: Nippon Columbia YX-7587-ND (Nov 1978)
Side A:
1. Park Avenue
2. Dance Corona (Trumpet solo John Faddis; Alto sax solo Frank Strozier)
3. Village in Bubbles (1st guitar solo Kazumi Watanabe; 2nd guitar solo Yoshiaki Masuo)
Side B:
1. Magic Carpet (Tenor sax solo Ron Bridgewater)
2. Mustache Daddy
3. Crystal Rain

All tunes composed by Kazumi Watanabe
Arranged and Conducted by Cecil Bridgewater
Kazumi Watanabe 渡辺香津美 (el g, ac g)
Yoshiaki Masuo (el g)
Mickey Tucker (ac p, Fender rhodes, ELEPIAN)
Alex Blake (el b, ac b)
Idris Muhammad (ds)
Ray Mantilla (perc)
No-Bu (perc)
Joe Chambers (vib, cowbell)
Horn section: Jon Faddis (tp), Earl Gardner (tp), Frank Gordon (tp), Virgil Jones (tp), Greg Williams (French horn), Earl McKintyre (tb), Janice Robinson, (tb), Ron Bridgewater (ts), Frank Strozier (as, fl)
Strings section: String Reunion, Inc.
Recorded at Sound Ideas Studio, NYC, Aug 22-29, 1978
Produces by Yoshio Ozawa 小沢善雄
Great Harvest Makoto Terashita

LP: Teichiku GU-5014 (1979)
Side A & Side B:
1. Samoa
2. Take the Coltrane
3. Dai Hosaku (Great Harvest)
4. Tell Me An Old Story,Grand Papa

All tunes composed by Makoto Terashita
Makoto Terashita 寺下誠 (p)
Bob Berg (ts)
Errol Walters (b)
Jo Jones Jr (ds)
Yoshiaki Masuo (g)
All produced by Yoshiaki Masuo
Recorded June 3, 1978 In New York (または June 6 かも?)
Maracaibo Conepone
George Ohtsuka

CD: ABCJ-507 (2008/10/22), ABCJ-48 (Jul 23, 1999)
LP: (Oct? 1978)
Side A:
1. Maracaibo Cornpone (Masabumi Kikuchi)
2. Rainbows (Miroslav Vitous)
3. Telegram (John Avercrombie)
Side B:
4. Who Got? (Richie Beirch)
5. Ginger (Richie Beirch)
6. Believer (Miroslav Vitous)
George Ohtsuka (ds)
Steve Grossman (ss)
John Abercrombie (el g, el mangolin)
Masabumi Kikuchi (keyboards, ac p)
Nana Vasconcelos (perc, vo)
Miroslav Vitous (b)
Yoshiaki Masuo (el, g) (plays on A-1 only)
Produced by Masabumi Kikuchi
Recorded May 25,26(,29) 1978 at Sound Ideas studio, NYC
Recording & mix-down engineer: David Baker

マラカイボ・コーンポーン / ジョージ大塚+菊地雅章。増尾は A-1 でリズムを刻んでいるだけ。ほかの曲には参加していない。
It's Great Outside
Takehiro Honda

CD: Victore Entertainment VICJ-61423 (Jan 11, 2007); VICJ-77062 (Oct 25 2017); VICJ 23019 (Nov. 21, 1990);
LP:FLYING DISK/ビクター音楽産業 VIJ-6014 (July 25, 1978)
Side 1:
1. I'll Become the Child
2. It's Great Outside
3. With Our Soul
4. Son Song
Side 2:
1. Lin's Garden Blues
2. When the Sun Comes Up
3. I'll be Honest with You
4. Dear Friend
All compositions by Takehiro Honda
Takehiro Honda (p,el p, clavinet, org)
Cornell Dupree (el g)
Yoshiaki Masuo (el g)
Anthony Jackson (el b)
Steve Jordan (ds)
Ray Mantilla (perc,congas)
Will Boulware (org) on track 2-2

Recorded Mar 31-Apr 2, 1978 at Blue Rock Studio, NYC.
Richard Beirach in duet with Terumasa Hino & Yoshiaki Masuo

LP: Trio Jazz Mania PAP-9053 1977
CD: BRJ-4045 (Aug 1, 1987); AMJ ABCJ-12 (Feb 26, 1999)
Side 1:[Richard Beirach & Yoshiaki Masuo]
1. Mavrodaphne (R. Beirach & Yoshiaki Masuo)
2. Broken Wing (R. Beirach)
3. Yesterdays (Jerome Kern, arr. by R. Beirach/T. B. Harms)

Side 2:[Richard Beirach & Terumasa Hino]
1. ZAL (R. Beirach)
2. Black is the Color of my True Love's Hair (Appalachian folk song, arr. by R. Beirach) [piano-solo]
3. What is this Thing Called Love (Cole Porter, arr. by R. Beirach/Harms Inc.)
Richard Beirach (piano)  all tracks
Yoshiaki Masuo (guitar) A1, A2, A3
Terumasa Hino (flugelhorn & trumpet) B1, B3

Recorded in New York City on September 28, 29, 1976

リッチー・バイラーク, 日野皓正、増尾好秋
Black Cat
Monty Waters

CD: TRIO Records WHYNOT MTCJ-2015 (Feb 21, 2001);
LP: WHYNOT WN-006 (1976)

Side A:
1. J. Love March
2. Bogs Blues
3. Apartment Number 2H

Side B
1. Modest
2. Black Cat
(6)  R. P. M. (Bonus track on CD version)
Monty Waters (as, ss)
Yoshiaki Masuo (g)
Ronnie Boykins (b)
George Avaloz (ds)

Produced by Masahiko Yuh
Recorded in Aug, 1975

Sadao Watanabe

CD: UCCJ-4084 (May 27, 2009); UCCJ-9023(Jan 17, 2007); UCCJ-4021 (Jan 25,2001); 32JD-10047 (Jun 25, 1987)
LP: EAST WIND, Nippon Phonogram EW-8022 (1976); 15PJ-1013; 20PJ-12
Side A:
1. Vichiakani
2. Musitoni

Side B:
1. Pamoja
2. Everytime We say (Cole Porter)
Sadao Watanabe (as, fl)
Hiroshi Fukumura (tb) A1,B3
Yoshiaki Masuo (g)
Takehiro Honda (p)
Isao Suzuki (b)
Hiroshi Murakami (ds)
Masahiko Togashi (ds, perc)
渡辺貞夫(as, fl)
Recorded live at Yomiuri Hall on Oct 27, 1975
First Moves Sonny Rollins Live

LP: ???
CD: JazzDoor JD 1271 (1994 in Europe)
1. First Moves (Sonny Rollins)
2. Look for the Silver Lining (Buddy DeSylva / Jerome Kern)
3. To A Wild Rose (Edward MacDowell)
4. Alfie's Theme (Sonny Rollins)
Sonny Rollins (tenor & soprano saxophones)
Yoshiaki Masuo (electric guitar)
Rufus Harley (soprano saxophone & bagpipes)
Gene Perla (electric base)
David Lee (drums)
Recorded live, November 12, 1974 in Belgrade

The Cutting Edge
Sonny Rollins

Milestone 9059
CD:UCCO5152; Original Jazz Classics OJCCD-468-2

CD: CCO5152 (2008/3/19); VICJ-41852 (2007/2/21);  VICJ-60220 (1998/9/2);
LP: Victor VIJ-4022 (?) ;
Victor Milestone SMJ-6077 (1975)
Side A: 
1. The Cutting Edge  (Sonny Rollins)
2. To A Wild Rose (Edward MacDowell)
3. First Moves  (Sonny Rollins)

Side B:
1. A House Is Not A Home (Bacharach-David)
2. Swing Low Sweet Chariot (Traditional)
Sonny Rollins (tenor saxophone)
Stanley Cowell (piano)
Yoshiaki Masuo (guitar)
Bob Cranshaw (electric base)
David Lee (drums)
Mtume (conga drums, perc)
Rufus Harley (bagpipes)
Produced by Orrin Keepnews
Recorded during concert performance at Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland; July 6, 1974.

モントルー・ジャズ・フェスティバルでのライブ録音で、フェスティバル中「最高最大」の歓声と拍手に包まれたというロリンズ バンドと会場の熱気が伝わる。収録曲中、増尾がソロをとっているのが最終トラック1曲だけなのはちょっと残念だが、ギターがとてもよく歌っている。 なお、ロリンズはこの夏、コングスベル ジャズ祭にも出演するなどヨーロッパ各地を回り、マスオの共演ぶりが各国で絶賛された。
Complete Sonny Rollins in Japan
Sonny Rollins

VICJ-61626 (2010/09/22, JVC),
VICJ-61558~9 (2008/4/23),
Disct 1
1. Powaii (Sonny Rollins)
2. St. Thomas (Sonny Rollins)
3. Alfie (Sonny Rollins)
4. Moritat (Brecht-Weil)

Disct 2 ※Complete版で初めて収録された分
1. SAIS (James Mtume)
2. God Bless the Child (Herzog Jr. --Holiday)
3. Hold 'em Joe (Harry Glenn Thomas Jr.)
Sonny Rollins (tenor and soprano saxophone)
Yoshiaki Masuo (guitar)
Bob Cranshaw (electric base)
David Lee (drums)
Mtume (conga drums)

2008年にロリンズの来日を記念して、それまで何度も再発されてきた『Sonny Rollins in Japan』に3曲を追加で初収録した2枚組のコンプリート版。以前から持っている人も、コンプリート盤を買い直す価値大。特に増尾さんのギターは2枚目がいい。LP時代に収録できなかった30分近くの曲も入っている。
Sonny Rollins in Japan
Sonny Rollins

CD: VICJ-60220 (1998/9/2);
SMJ-6030 ?; VICJ-23001 ?;
LP: Victor VIJ-4025 (1974); JVC-SMJ-6030
Side A: 
1. Powaii (Sonny Rollins)
2. St. Thomas (Sonny Rollins)

Side B:
1. Alfie (Sonny Rollins)
2. Moritat (Brecht-Weil)
Sonny Rollins (tenor saxophone)
Yoshiaki Masuo (guitar)
Bob Cranshaw (electric base)
David Lee (drums)
Mtume (conga drums)

Produced by Tetsuya Shimoda
Recorded in performance at Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo; September 30, 1973


Horn Culture
Sonny Rollins

LP: OJC-314 (1991);
Milestone M-9051 (1973)

CD:UCCO5151 (2008/3/19); VICJ-60218 (1998/9/2)
LP: VIJ-4023 (1974/2/10?) ; ビクター Milestone SMJ-6026 (1974)
Side 1: 
1. Pictures in the Reflection of a Golden Horn (Sonny Rollins)
2. Sais (James Mtume)
3. Notes For Eddie (Sonny Rollins)

Side 2:
1. God Bless' The Child (Holiday-Herzog)
2. Love Man (Sonny Rollins)
3. Good Morning, Heartache (Drake-Fisher-Higginbotham)
Sonny Rollins (tenor saxophone)
Yoshiaki Masuo (acoustic guitar)
Walter Davis, Jr. (piano, electric piano)
Bob Cranshaw (electric base)
David Lee (drums)
Mtume (perc, piano)
On"Sais," Sonny Rollins also plays soproano sax, Walter Davis plays electric piano, and Mtume plays acoustic piano.

Produced by Orrin Keepnews
Recorded at Cl Recording, New York City;
April, June and July, 1973

Elvin Jones

US: Blue Note BST84414 (1972)
Side 1:
1. Round Town (Gene Perla)
2. Brite Piece (Dave Liebman)
3. Lungs (Jan Hammer)
4. A Time for Love (Joe Farrell)
5. Tergiversation (A. Wiggens - Gene Perla)

Side 2:
6. La Fiesta (Chick Corea)
7. The Children's Merry-go-round March (Keiko Jones)
8. Who's Afraid (Frank Foster)
Elvin Jones (ds)
Chick Corea (p, el p)
Jan Hammer (p, el p)
Gene Perla (b)
Yoshiaki Masuo (g) on 'Round Town' and 'A time for Love'
Joe Farrell (fl, ss, ts)
Dave Liebman (ss, ts)
Steve Grossman (ts)
Pepper Adams (bariton sax)
Don Alias (conga)
Frank Foster (cl)
Recorded onDec 15, 1971
Second Album
Kohsuke Mine

LP: Three Blind Mice TBM-4 (1972); TBM-2504
Side 1:
1. Y. M (Kohsuke Mine)
2. Brother In Low (Yoshio Suzuki)

Side 2:
3. Striped Slacks (Yoshio Suzuki)
4. Chin San Take 1 (Takashi Imai)
5. Chin San Take 2 (Takashi Imai)
Kohsuke Mine(as, ss)
Takashi Imai (tb)
Yoshiaki Masuo (g)
Yoshio Suzuki (b)
Hiroshi Murakami (ds)

Produced by Takeshi "Tee" Fujii
Recorded Nov. 29 & Dec 2, 1970 at AOI Studio, Tokyo
[峰厚介, 今井尚, 増尾好秋, 鈴木良雄, 村上寛]
※トロンボーンの今井氏は現在 横浜Jazz Is のマスター
Collaboration Part 2
Masabumi Kikuchi Sextet with Sadao Watanabe Quartet

LP: Nippon Phonogram FS-5053(as a two-disc set with FS-5052); FS-6502(as a separate disc)
Side 3:
6. Hiro (Sadao Watanabe)
7. Drizzing Rain (Masabumi Kikuchi)

Side 4:
8. Microcosm I (Masabumi Kikuchi)
9. Without Lullaby (Masabumi Kikuchi)
10. Thanatos take 1 (Masabumi Kikuchi)
Masabumi Kikuchi Sextet + Sadao Watanabe Quartet
Masabumi Kikuchi (electric piano, piano), Sadao Watanabe (sopranino, alto sax), Masahiro Kikuchi (organ on "Hiro", electric piano on "Drizzling Rain" "Thanatos take 1"), Kohsuke Mine (soprano sax on "Drizzling Rain" "Thanatos take 1"), Yoshiaki Masuo (guitar, except "Microcosm""Without Lullaby"), Yoshio Ikeda (bass, except "Without Lullaby"), Yoshio Suzuki (bass, electric bass except "Microcosm"), Hiroshi Murakami (drums), Hiro Tsunoda (drums except "Without Lullaby"), Keiji Kishida (drums on "Hiro" "Thanatos take 1")

Recorded Oct. 8,13 & Nov 14, 1970

[Masabumi Kikuchi Sextet: 菊地雅章, 峰厚介, 菊地雅洋, 池田芳夫, 村上寛, 岸田恵二; Sadao Watanabe Quartet: 渡辺貞夫, 増尾好秋, 鈴木良雄, つのだひろ]
Collaboration Part 1
Masabumi Kikuchi Sextet with Sadao Watanabe Quartet

LP: Nippon Phonogram FS-5052 (as a two-disc set with FS-5053); FS-6501(as a separate disc)
Side 1:
1. Illusion (Masabumi Kikuchi)
2. Thanatos take 2 (Masabumi Kikuchi)

Side 2:
3. Uptight (Yoshiaki Masuo)
4. So Por Vici (Sadao Watanabe)
5. Lunar Eclipse (Masabumi Kikuchi)
Masabumi Kikuchi Sextet + Sadao Watanabe Quartet
Masabumi Kikuchi (electric piano/ harpsicord solo on "So Por Voci"), Sadao Watanabe (sopranino), Masahiro Kikuchi (electric piano), Kohsuke Mine (soprano sax), Yoshiaki Masuo (guitar), Yoshio Ikeda (bass, except "Up Tight"), Yoshio Suzuki (electric bass & cello), Hiroshi Murakami (drums), Hiro Tsunoda (drums), Keiji Kishida (drums)

Recorded Oct. 8,13 & Nov 14, 1970

[Masabumi Kikuchi Sextet: 菊地雅章, 峰厚介, 菊地雅洋, 池田芳夫, 村上寛, 岸田恵二; Sadao Watanabe Quartet: 渡辺貞夫, 増尾好秋, 鈴木良雄, つのだひろ]

オープン・リール・テープ: Pony RDP-6006 (71.2月頃発売)
1. Pastoral
2. Round Trip---Coming
3. Sun Rise
4. Isotope
5. Sun Set
6. Carolina
7. Here's That Rainy Day

同録音のうち2曲は、1980.3月頃発売の『渡辺貞夫vs日野皓正』というLP に収録。
渡辺貞夫 (as,ss,fl)
増尾好秋 (g)
鈴木良雄 (b)

Recorded at 1st Studio of Nippon Broadcasting System Service
on Oct 1, 1970 (or Jan, 1969 ??)
mixed by 伊予部富治
Jean-Luc Ponty & Masahiko Satoh

CD: Think! Records DTHK-006 (Nov 23, 2011)
LP: Liberty/Toshiba LPC-8039 (Aug 29, 1970)
Side A:
1. Golden Green
2. And So On
Side B
3. Astrorama - Nuggis

ゴールデン・グリーン, アンド・ソー・オン, アストロラマ~ヌギス
Jean-Luc Ponty (el vln)
Masahiko Satoh (el p, p, comp)
Yoshiaki Masuo (g)
Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen (b)
Motohiko Hino (ds)
Recorded at Toshiba Studio, Tokyo
Come back to Foster
1864 Cotton Field Rock Band

LP: Victor SPX-1002 (1970)
Side A:
1. Jeanie with the light brown hair
2. The old folks at home
3. Gentle Annie
4. Nelly was a lady
Side B:
1. Old black Joe
2. Old dog Tray
3. Dolly day
4. Beautiful dreamer
5. Massa's in cold cold, ground

[A: 1.金髪のジェニー, 2.故郷の人々, 3.やさしいアニー, 4.やさしいネリー B: 1.オールド・ブラック・ジョー, 2.老犬トレイ, ドリー・デイ, 4.ビューティフル・ドリーマー, 5.主人は冷たい土の下に]
Masahiko Satoh(ep, organ, arr),
Mototeru Takagi (ss, bcl)
Kiyoshi Sugimoto (g)
Sadanori Nakamure (g)
Yoshiaki Masuo (g)
Yasuo Arakawa (b)
Akira Ishikawa (dr)
and others
Recorded in 1970 ??
around the time
Sadao Watanabe

LP: WAM MLP15454
Side A:
1. Round Trip Going (Yoshiaki Masuo)
2. Round Trip Coming (Yoshiaki Masuo)
Side B:
1. Pastoral (S. Watanabe)
2. California Here I Come (Jolson,De Sylva, Meyer)
3. Tokyo Suite:Sunset (S. Watanabe)
Sadao Watanabe (sn, fl) (ジャケ裏に as とだけあるが、実際は違う)
Yoshiaki Masuo (g)
Yoshio Suzuki (b)
Hiro Tsunoda (ds)

Recorded Jun 26, 1970 (※6月26日にNDR局のラジオ番組に出演した後、Hamburg Jazz House >に出演したときの録音 と記述されている。事実は, ライブハウスでの演奏をラジオで放送し, 同じ内容をアルバムでもリリースしたようだ.)
Sadao Watanabe at Montreux Jazz Festival
Sadao Watanabe

LP: CBS SONY SONP-50378J, SOPM-185, 18AH-1563, 23AP-1068
CD: SRCS 9588 (Feb 19,2000)
Side A:
1. Round Trip:Going and Coming (Yoshiaki Masuo)
Side B:
1. Lament (J.J.Johnson)
2. Tokyo Suite: Sunset (S. Watanabe)
3. Pastoral - Theme - (S. Watanabe)
Sadao Watanabe (as, fl, sn)
Yoshiaki Masuo (g)
Yoshio Suzuki (b)
Hiro Tsunoda (ds) 角田 ヒロ

Recorded at Casino de Montreux, Switzerland June 18, 1970
Sonia Rosa

CD: 1999.1.20 Vivid Sound VSCD-606; 1988.5月? CS32-1439
LP:再発 EPT-8111 ; 1970.5月? 東芝 EP-7751
1. イパネマの娘
2. フライ・ミー・トゥ・ザ・ムーン
3. デサフィナード
4. ザ・ルック・オフ・ラブ
5. メディテーション
6. コルコバード
7. 恋よさようなら
8. ザ・シャドー・オブ・ユア・スマイル いそしぎ
9. 黒いオルフェ
10. アルフィー
11. シークレット・ラブ
12. トリステッサ
 ソニア・ローザ(vo, kg)
 渡辺貞夫カルテット(1, 12 のみ) メンバー不詳。
 1 にフルートの音, 12 は管楽器音なし.
 渡辺貞夫 (1, 12)
 鈴木邦彦 (2, 5, 8)
 ソニア・ローザ (3, 9,11)
 馬飼野俊一 (4, 7, 10)
 鵜崎康一 (6)

渡辺貞夫カルテットは伴奏に徹して抑え気味の演奏。録音は1969年?(or 1970年)。 CD (VSCD-606) の解説によると、ソニア・ローザは1969年来日。しばらくして銀座のジャンクで渡辺貞夫4のステージに飛び入り。その後2カ月間ほどは同グループが同店に出演する時に共演し、さらに1カ月間のツアーにも同行。
Live at the Junk
Sadao Watanabe

LP:CBS SONY SONP-50221J, CBS SONY SOPM-180, 18AH 1562, 23AP-1067
CD: SRCS-9587 (Feb 19,2000)
Side 1:
1. Cheryl (Charlie Parker)
2. If I Said The Sky Was Fallin (J.J.Johonson)
3. Gergia On My Mind (H.Carmicheal, S.Gorrell)
-- The Theme (Miles Davis)

Side 2:
1. The Guy's In Love With You (B.Bachrach, H.Davis)
2. No More Blues (A.C.Jobim)
3. Here's That Rainy Day (J.Van.Heusen, J.Burke)
4. Granny's Samba - Ending:Felicidade (Gary Mcfarland)
-- Felicidade (A.C.Jobim)
Sadao Watanabe (as, sn)
Yoshiaki Masuo (g)
Yoshio Suzuki (b)
Fumio Watanabe (ds)

Recorded at Jazz Club "Junk", Ginza, Tokyo, December 26, 27th, 1969
Takehiko Honda meets rhythm section featuring Sadao Watanabe

本田竹曠の魅力 Minton Blues
Takehiro Honda & Sadao Watanabe Quartet

CD: Absord Music Japan (AMJ) ABCJ-377 (Jul 26, 2006); Absord Music Japan ABCJ-29 (May 28, 1999); TKCZ-79080 (Dec 21, 1994);
LP: TRIO PA-9702 (1970); TRIO RSP-9007
Side 1:
1. Minton Blues (T. Honda)
2. Hey Hude
3. By the Time I Get Phoenix
Side 2:
1. Ain't Tell You a Good Way But  (T. Honda)
2. Stella by Starlight
3. Quiet Sea  (T. Honda)
Takehiko Honda (Takehiro Honda) (p)
Sadao Watanabe (as)
Yoshiaki Masuo (g)
Yoshio Suzuki (b)
Fumio Watanabe (ds)

Recorded on Dec. 9, 1969 at Yamaha Hall
Song Book
Sadao Watanabe

LP: CBS SONY SOPL-38XJ, 18AH 1567, 23AP-659
CD: *SRCS-9586 (Feb 19, 2000)
Side A:
1. Duet For Lovers
2. Street Samba
3. Doria's Step
4. Love Theme (1)
5. Love Theme (2)
6. Roda Viva (Cico Buarqe De Hollanda)
7. Gabor
8. Tuxaua (Rogerio Duprpat)
9. Curled Hair Boy & Long Hair Girl
10. I Know The Place For Us
11. Nihonbashi
12. If I Said The Sky Was Falling
13. Train Samba (Gary Mcfarland)
14. Fandango
15. Trois Gymnopedies (Eric Satie)
Side B:
1. One For T
2. Matsuri no Asa ni (1)
3. Matsuri no Asa ni (2)
4. Hopeful Encounter (Gary Mcfarland)
5. I Feel Romantic
6. You And I
7. Promise Me
8. Lady Mako
9. Dear Old Days
10. Pastoral
11. Closing Theme From "Matte-Mas-Wa"
All songs composed by Sadao Watanabe unless otherwise specified.
Sadao Watanabe (as, sn, fl)
Yoshiaki Masuo (g)
Yoshio Suzuki (b)
Fumio Watanabe (ds)
Masabumi Kikuchi (p)
Kazuo Yashiro (p, el p)

Recorded at Tokyo Studio Center, July 11 to Oct 3, 1969

Sadao Watanabe

LP: CBS SONY SONP-50130 (1969)/ SOPM 146; 18AH 1561; 23AP-1066
CD: CBS SONY CSCL 1310 (1990) / *SRCS-9585 (Feb 19, 2000)
Side A:
1. Pastoral
2. Bridge
A3: Tokyo Suite: Sunrise/Sunset

Side B:
1. Gary, Outro Samba
2. Someday In Suburbs
3. Fandango
4. Closing Theme From "Kin-Kira-Kin"
5. Ritmo Saboroso

All compositions and arrangement by Sadao Watanabe
Sadao Watanabe (as, fl, sn)
Yoshiaki Masuo (g)
Yoshio Suzuki (b, el b, p)
Fumio Watanabe (ds, perc)
Kazuo Yashiro (el p)
Hiroshi Matsumoto (vib)
Masahiro Tanaka (fh)
Chiyoshige Matsubara (fh)

Recored Jun 24 and July 8, 1969 at Toshi Center Hall, Akasaka

[渡辺貞夫, 増尾好秋, 鈴木良雄, 渡辺文男, 八城一夫, 松本浩, 田中正大, 松原千代繁]
Do You Know the Way to San Jose?
Jiroh Inagaki & His Rhythm Machine
Side A:
1. Do You Know the Way to San Jose?
2. Alfie
3. I'll Never Fall in Love Again
4. Wanting Things
5. The Window of the World
6. The Look of Love
Side B:
1. Promises Promises
2. What the World Need Now is Love
3. I Say a Little Prayer
4. Walk on by
5. Reach out for Me
6. Two Guy's in Love with You
Jiroh Inagaki (ts)
Masahiko Satoh(p, arr)
Yoshiaki Masuo (g)
Sadanori Nakamure (g)
Yasuo Arakawa (b)
Takeshi Inomata(dr)
Recorded in 1969 ??

[稲垣次郎, 佐藤允彦, 増尾好秋, 中牟礼貞則, 荒川康男, 猪俣猛]
"The Essense of Jazz" Series / Pastoral
Sadao Watanabe
Side A:
1. Pastoral

Side B:
1. Pastoral
Sadao Watanabe (as)
Yoshiaki Masuo (g)
Yoshio Suzuki (b)
Fumio Watanabe (ds)
Recorded May 24, 1969 at Shinjuku Kousei Nenkin Hall

[LP 全日本ジャズフェスティバル'69 より. 渡辺貞夫(sn), 増尾好秋(g), 鈴木良雄(b), 渡辺文男(ds)]
Sadao Watanabe vs. Terumasa Hino

LP: Canyon C20R0034
Side 1:
1. Pastoral 
2. Round Trip -- Coming

Side 2:
1. Journey to Air
Sadao Watanabe (as, sn,fl)
Yoshiaki Masuo (g)
Yoshio Suzuki (b)
Hiro Tsunoda (ds)

Recorded Jan, 1969
[渡辺貞夫(as,sn,fl), 増尾好秋(g), 鈴木良雄(b), 角田ヒロ(ds)]
Sadao Plays Bacharach & Beatles (Sadao Plays Beatles & Bacharack) Sadao Watanabe

LP: TACT XMS-10010CT (Mar,1969)

CD: Takt/Nippon Columbia COCY-80502 (Feb 21 ,1997); COCB-31022 (Aug 19, 2000)
Side 1:
1. LOOK OF LOVE (B.Bacharach, H.David)
2: MAGICAL MISTERY TOUR (Mccartney, Lennon)
3: Trains, Boats And Planes (B.Bacharach, H.David)
4: Ticket To Ride (Mccartney, Lennon)
5: Walk On By (B.Bacharach, H.David)
6: I Am The Walrus (Mccartney, Lennon)

Side 2:
1. Here, There And Everywhere (Mccartney, Lennon)
2. Blue Jay Way (G.Harrison)
3. Reach Out For Me (B.Bacharach, H.David)
Sadao Watanabe (sns, as)
Takashi Imai (tb)
Yoshiaki Masuo (g)
Fumio Watanabe (ds)
Yoshio Ikeda (b)
Terumasa Hino (tp)
Tetsuo Fushimi (tp)
Hiroshi Suzuki (tb)
Yasushi Ichiura (b-tb)
Yoshio Suzuki (org,hpsi)
Yuji Imamura (perc)
Tomoaki Hashizume (tb)
Isao Eto (el b)
Kazuo Yashiro (org, elec-hpsi)
Side 1: Recorded Nov 8, 1968 at Tokyo Sankei Hall
Side 2: Recorded Dec 16, 1968 at a studio

[渡辺貞夫, 今井尚, 増尾好秋, 渡辺文男, 池田芳夫, 日野皓正, 伏見哲夫, 鈴木弘, 市浦靖, 鈴木良雄, 今村裕司, 橋爪智明, 江藤勲, 八城一夫]
Now's The Time
Sadao Watanabe

Nippon Housou Service RF5024 (Open Tape only) 1968
Side 1:
1. Now's The Time (Charie Parker)
2. Forest Flower (C.Lloyd)
3. A Time And A Place (J.Heath)
4. Fried Bananas (Gary Mcfarland)
Side 2:
1. Gentle Rain (Louis Bonfa)
2. Gipsy 66 (Gabor Szabo)
3. The Cat (L.Schifrin)
4. Song Of The Jet (A.C.Jobim)
Sadao Watabane (as)
Yoshiaki Masuo (g)
Shizuo Hashimoto
Fumio Watababe

August or later, 1968
Forest Flower
Sharps and Flats '68 featuring Hiroshi Suzuki and Yoshiaki Masuo

LP:Nippon Columbia YS-10038-J (Sep ??, 1968)
Side A:
2.Walk tall
5.The "In" cloud
Side B:
1.Forest flower
2.A day in the life
3.Watermelon man
Nobuo Hara, Kazunori Taniguchi (ts)
Hajime Maekawa, Kouji Suzuki (as)
Nobuyuki Morikawa (bs)
Shuhzo Morikawa, Teruyuki Fukushima, Kunitosi Sinohara, Hiroshi Sanami (tp)
Tadao Taniyama, Hiroshi Suzuki, Haruo Ochi (tb)
Toshihiko Ogawa (p)
Yoshiaki Masuo (g)
Hiroshi Takeuchi (b)
Yoshio Nakamura (ds)
Norio Maeda (arr)
Recorded Jun ??, 1968

[原信夫とシャープスアンドフラッツ--原信夫, 谷口和典(ts), 前川元,鈴木孝二(as), 森川信幸(bs), 森川周三,福島照之,篠原国利,佐波博(tp), 谷山忠男,鈴木弘,越智治夫(tb), 小川俊彦(p), 増尾好秋(g), 竹内弘(b), 中村吉夫(ds), 前田憲男(arr)]
Feelin' Good
Terumasa Hino and His Group

LP:Tact, Nippon Columbia XMS-10001 (Sep 25, 1968)

CD:Tact, Nippon Columbia COCY-80429 (Nov 21 1996)/ *COCB-31028 (Aug 19, 2000)
1.Mississippi Dip (Irwin Andrews)
2.Feeling Good (Anthony Newley)
3.And Satisfy  (Ronnell Bright)
4.Trust me Now (M.Kikuchi)
5.The Magilla (Duke Pearson)
6.Lucy in the Sky with Diamond(Lennon-McCartney)
Terumasa Hino (tp)
Masabumi Kikuchi (p)
Takeru Muraoka (ts)
Hiroshi Suzuki (tb)
Toru Konishi (g)
Motohiko Hino (ds)
Kunimitsu Inaba (b)
Kaoru Chiba (fh)
Jake (as)
Hiroshi Okazaki (bs)
Kouji Hatori (tp)
Takeshi Aoki (b, tb)
Akira Miyazawa (fl)
Yoshiaki Masuo (g)
Humio Watanabe (perc)
Recorded Jun 4,12, 1968 at Teichiku kaikan Studio,Tokyo

[日野皓正, 菊地雅章, 村岡建, 鈴木弘, 小西徹, 日野元彦, 稲葉国光, 千葉馨, ジェイク・コンセプション, 岡崎広志, 羽鳥幸次, 青木武, 宮沢昭, 増尾好秋, 渡辺文男]
We Got A New Bag
Sadao & Charlie Again

LP: tact Jazz-3002 1968

CD: Takt/Nippon Columbia COCY-80503 (Feb 21, 1997); COCB-31024 (Aug 19, 2000)
Side 1:
1. Ragam Sinthubariravi (Indian Traditional)
a) Palavi, b) Anupalavi, c) Saranam
2. Kunji Kunjipesi, Mathi, Mayakkum (Indian Traditional)

Side 2:
1. Lament (J.J.Johnson)
2. Palisades (C.Mariano)
3. You Are My Heart's Delight (German Traditional)
Sadao Watanabe (as)
Charlie Mariano (as,nagasvaram)
Masabumi Kikuchi (p)
Masanaga Harada (b)
Fumio Watanabe (ds)
Yoshiaki Masuo (g)
Tadashi Shigami (b)
and others

Recorded Jan 21, 1968 at Teichiku Kaikan Studio

[渡辺貞夫, チャーリー・マリアーノ, 菊地雅章, 原田政長, 渡辺文男, 増尾好秋, 紙上理]


Thanks to The Sadao Club, YAMAGEN-san, Hamamoto-san, Inagaki-san, Takahashi-san, and ANALOG70-san for the information.

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