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As a Producer -- Sunshine Ave.レーベル

2008年8月に、増尾好秋の自主レーベル サンシャイン アベニュー レーベル のサイト masuomusic.com が オープン。 サンシャイン アベニュー レーベル作品の試聴・購入は masuomusic.com で!
Primary Artist and Album Title Recorded Songs Personnel
I Wish ~ 私の願い
Junko Ebihara

Sunshine Ave. Label, SUNL-1004 (Mar, 2011)
At the Studio, NYC in Nov. 2007. Additional recording at Studio Friends Music, Tokyo in July 2010 01. I With ~ 私の願い
02. No More Dreams
03. Sentimental Journey
04. I Can See Clearly Now
05. Tennessee Waltz
06. I Miss You
07. Lucky Lady
08. Blame It On My Youth
09. Smile
10. Somebody Loves Me
11. Cold Cold Heart
12. ありがとう
Junko Ebihara (vo, p, pianica) ( piano on tracks 1,5,6,7,12)
Mark Soskin (p, keyb)
Chip Jackson (b)
Marcello Pellitteri (ds)
Yoshiaki Masuo (guitar :on tracks 2, 9)

All Songs Arranged by Junko Ebihara

I With ~ 私の願い, I Miss You, and ありがとう: words and Music by Junko Ebihara
No More Dreams: words by Junko Ebihara, Music by Yosiaki Masuo
I'm Glad There is You

Sunshine Ave. Label, SUNL-1003 (Sep, 2009)

Jan and Mar, 2009 1. I'm Glad There Is You
2. Part of the Deal (Masuo)
3. People Time
4. Chi Chi/Sippin' at Bells
5. The Folks Who Live on the Hill
6. Blue Daniel
7. Madrugada (Mays)
8. Wonder Why
9. Fall (Wayne.Shorter)
10. Get Out of Town
11. Young and Foolish
Yoshiaki Masuo 増尾好秋(g)

Bill Mays ビル・メイズ (p)

SUNL1002 (May 1, 2008)
Sep. 2005
and Nov. 2007
1. Without You (Words and music by Junko Ebihara)
2. Sometimes I'm Happy
3. Medley (Cheek To Cheek , How High The Moon, Honeysuckle Rose)
4. La Novia
5. Teach Me Tonight *
6. Rhythm of the Rain
7. Close Your Eyes
8. Hallelujah I Love Him So
9. You Are My Sunshine
10. Just Squeeze Me
Junko Ebihara (vo, p), (piano on 1, and part of 3,4,6,9)

Mark Soskin (p, keyb)
Tony Marino (b)
Marko Marcinko (ds)

* Chip Jackson (b)
* Marcello Pelliterri (ds)
Guest: Seiichi Nakamura 中村誠一 (ts)

Recorded at The Studio, New York City
with Larry Goldings and Lenny White

SUNL-1001 (Aug 20, 2008)
1995 ~ 2008 01 Life is Good (Music by Yoshiaki Masuo; Lyrics by Yoshiaki and Shirley Masuo)
02 Wet Dog (Yoshiaki Masuo )
03 Run Away (Winter Samba) (Music by Yoshiaki Masuo; Lyrics by Shirley Masuo)
04 The Tree (Yoshiaki Masuo)
05 YOH (Yoshiaki Masuo; Lyrics by Shirley Masuo)
06 On Greene Street (Yoshiaki Masuo)
07 Pannonica (T . Monk )
08 Blackbird (Lennon/McCartney)
09 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (Mick Jagger/Keith Richards)
10 Another Christmas Song
11 Gondola no Uta (The Gondola Song) (Shinpei Nakayama/Isamu Yoshii)

試聴と注文は masuomusic.com で!
01: Masuo (lead vo, g, keyb, perc), Noriatsu Naraoka (b), Tony Cintron Jr. (ds), Shirley Masuo (background vo, perc)
02: Masuo (g, keyb), Larry Goldings (org), Lenny White (ds)
03: Masuo (g, lead vo, keyb), Larry Goldings (org), Kip Reed (electric b), Kazuo Yoshida (ds, perc), Steve Sacks (Alto flute and section arrangement), Background vo by The 2 Lips)
04: The Tree Masuo (g, keyb), Larry Goldings (org), Bill Mays (piano), Yoshio "Chin" Suzuki (b), Tony Cintron, Jr. (ds)
05: YOH Masuo (g, vo, keyb), Larry Goldings (org), Lenny White (ds)
T.M. Stevens (el. b), Nathaniel Townsley (ds), Tony Cintron, Jr. (ds), Ted Nash (flutes), Marcus Printup (flugelhorn), Mark Soskin (keyb)
Background vocals: Sali Oguri, Gayle Oshiro, Shirley Masuo
Horn arrangement by Bill Mays and Yoshiaki Masuo
06, 07: Masuo (g), Larry Goldings (org), Lenny White (ds)
08: Masuo (g, vo, keyb), Larry Goldings (org), Lenny White (ds), Shirley Masuo (vo)
09: Masuo (g, vo), Larry Goldings (org), Lenny White (ds), T.M. Stevens (electric b)
10: Masuo (g), Larry Goldings (org), Lenny White (ds)
11: Masuo (g and vo)


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