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Video Recordings

Album Title
& Release Date(s)
Songs Personnel
& Recording Data

Festival international de jazz de Montreal
Sonny Rollins


US: ???
JP: Victor VHM-58040 / VFTM-00519/ No.MJ169-15TK ?? /

1. Here You Come Again
2. Penny Saved
3. My One and Only Love
4. I'll Be Seeing You
5. Don't Stop the Carnival
6. Alfie's Theme

58 minutes

Sonny Rollins (ts)
Yoshiaki Masuo (g)
Bobby Broom (g)
Bob Cranshaw  (b)
Jack DeJohnette  (ds)

Summer, 1982


Live at Laren 1973 Sonny Rollins /
Sonny Rollins Live '73 Featuring Yoshiaki Masuo

US: Tape rapsody films
JP: Tape Touei TE-M519; LD ????

1. There is No Greater Love
2. Don't Stop the Carnival
3. Alfie
4. St. Thomas

36 minutes
Sonny Rollins (ts)
Walter Daivs Jr. (p)
Masuo (g)
Bob Crenshaw (b)
Daivd Lee (ds)
August 21 or 25, 1973


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