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Lyrics adaptation

Japan Tsunami Jazz Aid
One Word Recording Project

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(1) Credits

Japan Tsunami Jazz Aid One Word Recording Project

Words and Music of One Word written by Yoshiaki Masuo
Produced, arranged and engineered by Yoshiaki Masuo
Co-Produced by Shirley Masuo

In order of participation:

Yoshiaki Masuo - guitar, vocals, keyboard
Tony Marino - bass
Marko Marcinko - drums, percussion

Mark Soskin - piano
Tim Ries - tenor sax, soprano sax
Bill O'connell - piano
Bob Albanese - pianica
Clifton Anderson - trombone
Ben Kraef - tenor sax
Makoto Ozone - organ
Shiro Sadamura - electric violin
Bob Mover - alto sax
Tadataka Unno - piano
Soren Moller - organ
Tōru Dodo - piano
Lew Soloff - trumpet

Susan Pereira - chorus vocals
Carol Moore - chorus vocals
Gino Sitson - chorus vocals
Dennis Day - chorus vocals

(* continued from the left coumun)

Bill Mays - piano (cello arrangement)
Alisa Horn - cello

Kei Akagi - piano, keyboard
Phil Woods - alto sax
The Twolips - background vocals, chorus vocals

Michael McDonald - recording engineer at Kakinoki Studio
Shinobu Mitsuoka - assistant engineer

Katsuhiko Naito - recording engineer at Avatar Studios
Bob Mallory - assistant engineer

Jay Messina - mixing and mastering at West End Sound

Takehiko Tokiwa - photos

All participants in this recording have kindly donated their talent, time and services to raise money for this cause. A special thanks to them all and to Kirk Imamura of Avatar studios, piano technician Ed Wedberg, and Kazuko Unno - my website host without whose support, this project would not be possible.

Recorded at Kakinoki Studio in Pennsylvania in May through June, 2011
Recorded at Studio B of the Avatar Studios in New York on May 19, 2011
Duration: 14 min 35 sec.

(2) Lyrics Adaptation

Hitotsu no Kotoba (One Word)

English adaptation by Shirley Masuo


A story of a thousand words
You can say in just one word
If you listen to your heart then you will know

In a restless world today
People's spirits worn away
Can it be that we forgot what matters most

So it's up to you and me
To join together now so we
Fill the world with happiness where love can grow


I love you
I love you
Everybody needs a warm sweet love


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