For aid to earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan, musicians and industry professionals came together to make a recording of this song.

♪   One Word   ♪

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Photo: Masashi Sakamoto

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Japan Tsunami Jazz Aid One Word Recording Project 

Words and Music of One Word by Yoshiaki Masuo
Produced, arranged and engineered by Yoshiaki Masuo
Co-Produced by Shirley Masuo

[Credits (In order of participation)]: Yoshiaki Masuo (g, vo, keyb), Tony Marino (b), Marko Marcinko (ds, perc), Mark Soskin (p), Tim Ries (ts, ss), Bill O'connell (p), Bob Albanese (pianica), Clifton Anderson (tb), Ben Kraef (ts),  Makoto Ozone (org), Shiro Sadamura (el-vln), Bob Mover (as), Tadataka Unno (p), Soren Moller (org), Tōru Dodo (p), Lew Soloff (tp), Susan Pereira (chorus vo), Carol Moore (chorus), Gino Sitson (chorus), Dennis Day (chorus), Bill Mays (p, cello arrangement), Alisa Horn (cello), Kei Akagi (p, keyb), Phil Woods (as), The Twolips (background vo, chorus)

Michael McDonald (Recording Engineer at Kakinoki Studio), Shinobu Mitsuoka (Assistant Engineer), Katsuhiko Naito (Recording Engineer at Avatar Studios), Bob Mallory (Assistant Engineer), Jay Messina (Mixing and Mastering at West End Sound), Takehiko Tokiwa (Photos), Kirk Imamura (Avatar studios), Ed Wedberg (piano technician)
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* All participants in this recording have kindly donated their talent, time and services to raise money for this cause.

Recorded at Kakinoki Studio in Pennsylvania from May through June, 2011, and at Studio B of the Avatar Studios in New York on May 19, 2011
Duration: 14 min 35 sec.
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